Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DIY: Padded Headboard

Now if we could only get those bed rails made . . .

A very helpful tutorial (from HGTV's Decorating with Style, Episode DWS-316) pointed me in the right direction. Or you could just ask me how I did it. It wasn't terribly difficult.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

My 2nd Project (and 3rd and 4th and 5th)

Oh my . . . I am way beyond excited. I can get lost for hours perusing fabrics and dreaming up all kinds of sewing projects for myself. I've settled on a few for the moment (yes . . . the MOMENT!) and made my first real online fabric purchases via a neat online shop I found called SomeArtFabric:

  1. This all started because I wanted to make the Little Miss a padded headboard for her new big girl bed. We got this cheap bed from Ikea that is kinda ugg-o, but highly functional and low to the ground. This would never have been my dream bed for her, but oh well! It's a decent first bed for many reasons, and since it's cheap and Ikea . . . highly hack-able. So while my hot husband is hacking some proper bed rails for the bed, I'll be crafting a padded headboard so little gal doesn't scoot her way into the gaping head board crevice. Did you know that they make The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric? Because they do. And I'm using some of it to spruce up her headboard and if I'm really ambitious maybe her curtains as well! (FYI the white things peaking out from under her bed are the bed rails that will be hacked to create the improved wooden bed rails. At some point we may stain this whole bed since it is untreated wood, but maybe not immediately.)
  2. Since we have moved houses and thus have different finishes and a different look to our new (very old) home than we once did, there are a few things that we have previously loved that now look not as good in our new place. One being our shower curtain. The walls in our bathroom are painted a light turquoise-y blue color and the cabinetry and mirror are framed out in a kind of chocolate brown color. Which I very much like. But our beige-y bamboo shower curtain with its subtle greens just looks kinda out of place in there. Which does bum me out because I love it (otherwise we would never have registered for it). But such is life when you are picking things out for a home that you have now, but will not have forever. It's not always gonna go, ya know? So I bought some fabric that is MADE out of bamboo, but doesn't LOOK LIKE bamboo (can you tell I like bamboo??). I'm very hopeful that it will be as cool-looking in person as it was when I found it on the internet. And if, for some crazy reason, it looks totally stupid as a shower curtain, I already have other plans in mind for how I might fashion it into aprons and satchels and all kinds of projects that I probably am not completely at the skill level to attempt yet. Ok . . . an apron I could probably do, but bags kinda terrify me. With that being said, see below at #4. The thing about sewing is, I just dive headfirst and mess with stuff til I figure it out. I love the creative process in it probably more than the end result. Let's get serious though, the end result does kinda make all the sweating over getting it just right "worth it".
  3. Because you can absolutely not go fabric shopping and not get something that you love, but are not quite sure what you will make out of it (I'm pretty sure that's against the law), I got myself a panel of fabric that could be made into any number of new things. I don't know why, but I had to get it. At first I was thinking Beco covers, and then thought messenger bag, and then my mind just started to wander to other fabrics as I realized that I had absentmindedly put it into my cart without having a clear purpose for it. Those finds always end up being put to the best uses eventually. Or they sit and sit waiting for the perfect project. Forever. Either way.
  4. So, as I said, they scare me . . . but I really want to make a bag for myself. So I came across a pattern for an awesome looking and probably way too hard bag that I'm going to attempt to make. Possibly, in part, using my panel that I have no clear idea what to do with. It's probably good for me to be a little ambitious. It'll stretch me as a hand-i-crafting person. I hope it will anyway. Either that or it will make me into a sewing madwoman that throws bonfires after sewing sessions to destroy the already awful looking half-made-great-idea-but-poorly-implemented designs.
OK . . . that's it for now, but stay tuned. I have got BIG PLANS for the rest of my summer of sewing (assuming of course that these projects go half as well in real life as they already have in my head!)

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