Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Search for the Perfect Sewing Box

So I thought that now, what with the new machine and all, that it was time to get my *stuff* organized. You know, needles, threads, presser feet, fabric, patterns, etc. But finding a good sewing box has proved harder than I first imagined. The sewing box that I have been using lately is actually my mom's, and can I just say . . . they don't make em like they used to anymore. The biggest problem with hers is that the latch is tricky and so you can't carry the thing by the handle anymore for fear that it will explode on you.

As I've been looking around online and in-stores, I've been finding inadequate solutions. Too small, too item specific, not enough dividers, too many dividers . . . I am probably being way too picky, but since I can't just dedicate a whole room to sewing and therefore leave stuff up on the walls and all out and about I have to come up with something that is more efficient and concise and that can be tucked into the back of the closet when I am done so my house doesn't turn into total chaos. You hear what I'm saying. Or maybe you think I'm being anal about this. Either way.

I thought I would share something with you that I found whilst searching though that, well, you tell me:


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