Monday, August 4, 2008

Sew On . . .

Now that I am going *sew crazy*, I find myself with an excuse to cover everything I see in fabric. I just want to try things I haven't tried before and see if I can't make something that looks cool in the process. Here is my latest sewing escapade:

Below is a picture of my front door from the inside. It's got these lovely little side windows which I had no thought of covering with curtains pre-Connie days (yes . . . my sewing machine now has a name). If I were to turn around from where I was standing and taken a picture, you would see that my "office" is right there when you walk through the front door. I feel much better about that arrangement since the entry of the computer cabinet which tucks all the computer office-y stuff away, but (and maybe this is just me being weird and paranoid) it has bothered me for some time that those little side windows are there. Don't get me wrong, I love the way they look, but I work late at night into the wee hours . . . and perhaps I have seen too many horror movies, but I don't like that my back is to these windows. The later it gets the more I get it in my mind that someone is peeping in at me through them. (Note: I have never caught anyone peeping at me and have no reason to believe that anyone actually has . . . like I said, just weird paranoia.)
So we have this deep red/burgundy accent wall to the right of the door which was just begging to be pulled into the windows. I took a little trip to Fields, sat down for a chat with Connie, and out they came:I took a picture of them during the daylight hours so you could see the way the light filters through them in a "yay, you did it!" kind of way. They make me happy every time I walk down the stairs . . . more than anything because the more I sew, the more inspired I am to sew some more.They're not "perfect" or whatever, but it doesn't bother me. I am not too perfectionistic about these things. In a totally superfluous "I did it because I can" kind of move, I decorative stitched it the whole way around intead of just giving a boring straight seam. I am realizing about myself that I will use any excuse in the world to use the decorative stitch function on my machine. Matching the thread to the fabric and then stitching decoratively makes no sense at all, because unless someone really looked up close they would miss it . . . but I know it's there. :)
This was also my first time sewing in velcro. I know, a zipper and now velcro? I've got to come up with an excuse now to make a buttonhole and I will have acquired more sewing skills in 2 weeks than in the whole rest of my sewing career. :P


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