Sunday, September 14, 2008

Merry Crafty Christmas!

I have pretty much never been a great "Christmas shopper". I always overestimate how much time I have left to think up awesome gifts and go out and get them. What always adds insult to injury is finally thinking of a great gift and then not being able to find it. Anywhere. Because I waited too long. Or because it doesn't really exist. Hand in hand with my *thinking I have more time than I actually do* is the *loathing shopping alongside way too many people who thought that they had more time as well*. I don't hate all shopping, but it has not been a hobby of mine to go *mall-ing* since high school. As a result of all this, friends and family have sometimes received less than stellar or less than completely thoughtful gifts.

In light of this, and in the glowing light of my Confidence . . . I have decided to do as many handmade gifts as I can muster for the gift-giving this year. Which means I have to start thinking about this now. So far, I've got ideas for the little ladies in my life (Little Miss and my 2 nieces), and a couple for my husband that he already kinda knows about. A few supplies for each of my projects are already in my possession or are en route to my doorstep. I am BEYOND excited to tackle some projects that might be alot harder than I am ready for (check out Joy's Waldorf Dolls for a peek into what I'm dreaming up for the Little Miss), and some that I feel confident that I can do even though I'll be making up the pattern as I go.

I know . . . ambitious. But I was able to handcraft some gifts last year and I want to keep it alive. Heck, I really wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull off that cloth baby book, but that came together pretty well if I do say so myself. And although it was frustrating at times and I puzzled over how to put it together, in the end it was a very satisfying feeling to create something that was from the heart.

I hope my projects don't fall flat. And I hope that I'm starting early enough to get all of them done. Wish me luck! :)


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