Saturday, September 6, 2008

On the Fly: Rocking Chair Cushions

The last time that my husband and I were at Ikea, I persuaded him to let me run through the fabric section. To be honest, I was looking for some fabric for my mother-in-law's living room redo. Although we're going with a solid color for the recovering of the couch, she's got two rocking chairs in that room that were being repainted a soft yellow to match the trim in the room. The cushions that have been on them all along were a deep red color that was way too dark for the rest of the room and she was never quite happy with them:

In addition to finding the fabric that eventually became my sewing machine cover, this is what I found to recover the rocking chair cushions:
She loved the fabric and it looks perfect with all the color she's got going on in there. It also really complements the mango-colored fabric we got to do the couch cushions. A little puzzling over the "pattern" (and by "pattern" I mean, me guessing what would work and making it up as I went along) and a few hours later and I had 2 of these:There were many ways to accomplish this, but when I figured out I could keep the stripes lined up with a simple folding technique (there's probably a name for it that I'm not aware of), the job became a little easier.

I ended up finishing the backs of them by hand with invisible thread. Its not my favorite looking finish, but it's not bad considering I sewed it ONTO the cushion instead of inserting a zipper or something where I could make it a little more clean looking. I had no zipper and Boo-la didn't even necessarily care about or even want ties at the back, so in the end I think it's immaterial.

It feels good to get those done. Now I can feel good working on my own projects (did I mention I have BILLIONS of ideas?!) while I wait for her to wash and iron all the couch fabric. I told her I would do it, but she insisted that my time was precious enough not to spend all of it ironing. So true.

Hmm . . . what to do next?


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