Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Heard from Joy . . .

of Joy's Waldorf Dolls (yes, I am a super-geek and I emailed her personally to ask her opinion) and her doll-making expertise along with your votes and my instincts helped me to arrive at my final yarn choices for the Waldorf doll adventure I have yet to begin:

sandy mohair


light brown wool.

I know that it has been eating you all inside wondering what I might choose.

*insert eyeroll here*


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Take My Poll

I received my order from Joy's Waldorf Dolls last week or so and now that it's here, I realize that I want to play around with other options. Get creative with me a moment. Give me a little feedback on how to make doll hair, lol.

Here's the deal: I got the cinnamon bouclez (curly) yarn to make the wig for the doll. My thought process at the outset was that I wanted curly hair for the doll because Little Miss has curly (oh so beautiful I wish I had it for myself) hair. I really puzzled over the yarn choice before going with it. Her hair is much more dirty blond than red, but she kinda had a strawberry blond thing going when she was first born and I wanted to do something different than just plain blond. Anyway, now that it's here, I'm not sure about my choice. It's a little more orange-y than I thought it would be. I don't think I can return it. I emailed Joy and asked her what she thought about blending yarns to tone down the color a bit. She said it would totally work and that she even would give me a discount on extra supplies. (Score!)

Of course that got me to thinking more about this (I know - GET A LIFE) and now I've got it in my mind to blend what I have with 1 or 2 other kinds of yarns as well as maybe colors (not sure completely) to create a more multi-textured look. I want the different colors as well to make the cinnamon more of a highlight to the hair rather than make it the total feature (if that makes sense!)

You can see the yarn samples here.

I'd like to get a bit of mohair and also some of the regular wool yarn. I was originally thinking sandy and/or blond to mix, but then I got to looking at the light brown next to it in the picture and wonder if that wouldn't look a little better and make it a more subtle highlight? Then I'm wondering if this will be cute or just TOO much?! I'm realizing a tendency within myself to go above and beyond instead of just sticking to a pattern with a lot of the things I have tried . . .

If you're wondering how I got all hepped up on making multi-textured hair (or if you need convincing that this won't look dumb), check out this, this, this, this, and this.

Well, what do you think? I've posted a little poll in the corner for you to log your choice . . . or just leave me a comment and tell me I am a HUGE dork for obsessing over doll hair.

In my defense, I anticipate that crafting this doll from nothing will be very time consuming and so I would prefer to do it the way that I want it rather than do the basics and lament over it later. Even getting supplies on sale these things are NOT cheap.

OK. Even if you think I'm dorky, VOTE!

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