Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gearing Up for the Big Move

No, no, no. We're not moving again. Not to a different house anyway. But I have been feeling the need lately to switch the whole house around, and we're ready to make it happen this weekend.

The stars aligned last weekend, and we were able to score a new dining room table and chairs (yes, they will match our entertainment center in the adjoining living room!) on SALE and I had a COUPON (ohmygoodness I am a spazz about a good deal). They're currently sitting in boxes waiting for the presto-change-o to happen. I am beyond elated about this. We've already cleared out the old set which is sitting at work for the time being while we either post it on Craigslist to sell, or give it to someone who wants/needs it. It's actually not in terrible shape, it's just not our style at all . . . another hand-me-down piece we are actually able to get rid of. Wow wow wow. I cannot believe it.

Last month, I scored the matching desk MISMARKED way down on the floor model. That is in a weird spot too while we wait to clear out Little Miss' toy corner. It will be my new dedicated, don't have to roll it away in a corner, SEWING PLACE! I am anticipating lots more craftiness once this is set up. I won't have to start and finish a project in one sitting anymore (!) which will allow me to do more stuff and get a little more complex with my projects if I so desire. Which reminds me . . .

Of the many blogs I peruse on a regular basis, one directed me to a certain Etsy shop that was selling little girl's dress-making kits. They look pretty simple, but are quite cute . . . and they make me feel like I could try my hand at sewing clothes with success. :) I'm pretty excited about diving into those and hope that I can get one together by Naomi's birthday (and that it's nice enough) so she has something special to wear.

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