Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Mailbox Full of Goodies

A little bit ago, I ordered a few things from Etsy. I had been ogling a few necklaces I had found on there, and my husband told me to pick out my favorite one for my anniversary gift. It came all the way from Canada and I was so excited to get it.

Something that I never had a problem with pre-pregnancy was TMC (no, not Turner Movie Classics . . . Too Much Cleavage). Sorry if that's TMI, but I found these little T-lets on Etsy as well that are great for making something that has become not so modest, moreso, while not adding extra layers for these hot summer months. I have been thrilled with my purchase of these as well.

Awhile back, I discovered that Andover Fabrics was making Brown Bear fabrics (a la Eric Carle . . . one of Little Miss' favorite books of all time). I also discovered a quilt pattern that I thought I could tackle to celebrate the arrival of our little Ke-ku. Can you believe these all came in the mail the same day? I was elated!

But there was one other package in there. A delightful and unexpected one. A fat one.

Can you guess what was inside? Because I had no idea.

My dear friend sent me a special little Fly package filled with a sink-shining lover's dream: 7 Days of the Week Flytowels. Sounds dorky to be excited about towels, but they're pretty darn awesome I must say. They really are putting my other towels to shame. Which is really something considering I just purged a ton of towels not too long ago. :)


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