Sunday, September 28, 2008

On the Fly: Barrette Holder

I was up late last night *creating* something for the Little Miss' that is now hanging on her wall. Her hair is getting so long now that she's often walking around with it all hanging in her eyes. A week or 2 ago, I went out and picked up some barrettes for her. They've been sitting on top of the dresser in their little plastic sleeves ever since. And it's just been bugging me. I've done a pretty good job (I think!) of setting aside space in her bedroom and closet for all her little things so that they can have a home and be found when they need to be found and put away when they need to be put away. I try not to look at this as being anal so much as being an agent of easing the stress of not knowing where things are (keeping in mind that I have a tendency to be late for things so being able to locate something quickly is key!)

I am fully aware that I could have just put them in a little dish or cup on her dresser and called it good. But you know me. I wanted to *make* something. So I cruised the internet looking for ideas and using some salvaged scraps from her bed makeover and some from the book I made for my cousin's soon to be born little one I came up with this:

The larger strip on the bottom is actually 3 small pockets for holding little ponytail holders (someday!) or other little *non-clippable* items.
I'm finding that I kind of love projects like this. Inspiration struck at about 3am and I created a pattern, deliberated over fabric choices, cut all the pieces out and had it sewn up and hung on the wall by 5am. Not too shabby for making it all up as I went along if I do say so myself! I'm realizing, too, that not having a dedicated sewing room (but rather a rolling sewing station that needs to be put away after every use) really motivates me to start and finish a project in one sitting.
It's a good feeling to see work *become* something that it wasn't before. The work I do for my actual job is so abstract that I rarely see tangible results of what I have toiled over. Sewing allows me to step back and say, "I took these things that were functionless on their own and combined them to make something useful (and dare I say, cute?)"
Ok, you caught me. I have never said that.
Well, not out loud.


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