Sunday, September 7, 2008

On the Fly: Puppy PJ's

Before my first niece was born, I got all excited and crafty, and I knitted her a blankie. I constructed it in the most insane way possible, knitting each square individually and then hand-sewing them together. It was a time-consuming project that I was pretty happy with in the end, although I have worried that my hand sewing was not as great as it could have been and that it is falling apart somewhere and my sister is afraid to tell me so.

I also found this little kit to make a stuffed cuddly puppy because I thought it looked adorable. Let's get serious, it looked easy. Long story short, I did that too. I remember when I gave it to my sis and brother-in-law for their baby shower, I told them that they would be getting a lot of stuffed things from other people, but that this one was special and that they should give it to her early so that she bonded with it. How sneaky is that??
Now that I have my own little one (who is overflowing with stuffed goodness), I can say that forcing a toy on a kid is just not something you do. These little people make their own choices, from a very very wee age and there's not much you can do about it (save taking away all their toys but the one you want them to love the most). As it turns out, my niece actually really did take to the Puppy (as well as to Mama Bear and Baby Bear, two other gifts that have been with her since Day 1) and while that leaves me beyond thrilled, Puppy has gotten so much love that I have had to perform minor surgery on him several times because my lack of stuffed animal experience caused me to construct him in a similarly crazy way as I constructed her blankie. Ok, maybe not crazy, but my attention to detail was not what it could have or should have been for the amount of lovin' he's gotten over the years.


Anyway, the Puppy endures. He is loved and looks quite rough, but I am told he still shares every bedtime with his mama.
Recently, I found out that my niece had been inquiring about her Puppy's lack of PJ's. Mama and Baby Bear apparently came to her already ready for bed. Not that I've ever constructed Puppy clothes, but I thought I could give that a shot. How hard could it be?
With no Puppy in sight for sizing, I plucked out Little Miss' monkey from the toy bin (he seems pretty Puppy-sized from what I remember) as my model and went to work. Now that it's completed, I have this feeling that it will be quite tight on Puppy (it's pretty-stinking snug on Monkey too - - stupid seam-allowance . . . I always forget about seam allowance). And because it turned out smaller than I anticipated, the night shirt looks more like a child's version of a John Travolta suit jacket a la Saturday Night Fever. Oh well. If it doesn't fit, I can try again. Now that I got my pattern down, it shouldn't be too hard to re-size. Or maybe Puppy is a closet Bee-Gees fan and won't mind?

P.S. This was my first time sewing in snaps. I was going to do buttons initially, but when I realized how tight it might be, I was afraid to put all those buttons down the front. I didn't want Puppy to be sleeping in a corset. The other option was to leave it open, but that also seemed less desirable . . . like he was one of those old, fake-baked men that walk around with their shirts open in the summer and wear gold chains.


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