Thursday, November 26, 2009

One Down, One to Go

The family and I were planning on driving to Chicago this evening as we're spending Thanksgiving there, but as it turns out we were not completely ready nor fully motivated to get out of the house quickly. The van needed an oil change, we wanted to eat dinner at home (we are trying to do this as much as possible, both for health and financial reasons), and very little packing had been accomplished by the time my husband had gotten home from work.

So we enjoyed another leisurely night at home.

I made a little trip over to my favorite fabric store (which is conveniently located right down the street from my house) and wandered around picking up a few items I needed for my next project. I seldom get to do this alone, so I really savored the half hour I had there while the store was still open.

And then, because I was not frantically rushing around to get ready for the trip anymore, I was able to spend some time on the Christmas ornaments. The pink one is for the Little Miss. I forgot to initial the back and put the date on before I finished it, so I may have to get creative with labeling it. Any ideas? Maybe I could iron something on? I'm not sure. I really don't want to disassemble it . . .

The pieces for Kee-ku's ornament are all cut out. I really want to stay up and sew it, but I should have been in bed hours ago. Between traveling and the all day fun that is our family Thanksgiving, it's going to be a long day. Perhaps I'll bring a few supplies with me to work on it whilst I'm away. ;)

In the meantime, HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! I hope as you stuff your face with turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce that you take a moment to drop down and thank God for all of His many blessings. There truly is so much to be thankful for. :)


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