Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quilt Top - Check

So in the middle of monsoon season (ok, maybe not SEASON, but day), I got to working on finishing up the quilt top. Little Miss was gracious and played on her own for a bit this afternoon while I worked on it, and did so again in the evening so I could finish it all up.

It definitely has it's "homemade" look in places . . . not quite "wonky", but not quite "not wonky" either. I feel good about it. Once it's all quilted and snuggled up with Kee-ku, I hardly think it will matter.

I knitted a blanket for Little Miss when I was pregnant with her, which she is still sleeping with every night even though it is a) not perfect and b) it is currently super hot and humid weather.
I swear, she roasts under the thing, but it's her "special blanket" and she always wants it on her when she goes to sleep. The thing is hefty and dense . . . great for keeping out the winter chill or keeping in the summer heat. Lately, when she wakes up she is drenched in sweat under the thing . . . it makes her hair super duper curly. I don't know, she doesn't seem to mind it. I am hoping Kee-ku will be as accomodating with this blanket's flaws.

I suspect that will be the case.


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