Sunday, November 15, 2009

On the Fly: Christmas Stockings

Still have to put their names on them, but I finished my first Christmas project.
1. Stocking for Little Miss, 2. Stocking for Kee-ku

I kinda made up how to put the stockings together (I even lined them and put a bit of batting in the cuff to give a little more umph. Can one put "umph" in a stocking?) The embroidery designs came from Wee Wonderfuls.

I was originally going to attempt a Bucilla kit, but couldn't find 2 that I thought looked well enough together that wouldn't completely clash with the ones I have for my husband and I. So I did these instead. They took me a few hours each when all was said and done. The embroidery would probably be more precise if I bothered to get an embroidery hoop. But I don't own one. So, whatever. I am not opposed to a homemade look sometimes. I added some little gold balls for a little extra embellishment. They're really simple, but I'm happy with them.


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