Friday, December 18, 2009

$5 Towards a Pattern? Yes, Please!


Although I didn't become an official "follower" until today (sidenote question: what makes someone go from being a reader to a follower? I, myself, read a lot of blogs but only officially "follow" a handful of them), I have been subscribed to Homespun Threads in my Bloglines for quite some time. When my husband and I decided that we were giving Little Miss a play kitchen this year, I almost (just a few days ago actually) bought this cute little Apron, Hat, and Oven Mitt pattern so I could whip up some accessories for her to go with it. Ultimately, I decided I was taking too much on to try to finish it all by Christmas so I held off thinking maybe I'd do it once the whirlwind of the Christmas season wound down. As it is, I just bought a little felt pattern for making some grocery staples like milk, eggs, and cans of soup (even as I'm in the middle of finishing that nativity I started working on back here).

How much time do I think I have left before Christmas again??

Anyway, all this to say that as I was perusing my Bloglines today, I saw that Homespun Threads was running a crazy giveaway. Crazy why? Because EVERYONE wins. Yes! This, I love. I am not a crazy enter-er of giveaways on blogs, but this did catch my attention. Especially because it would make the aforementioned kitchen accessories pattern a mere $0.50!

Head on over to Homespun Threads to enter yourself. She's got some cute patterns for baby shoes as well as bags and aprons. Check out her shop offerings here.


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