Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handmade Nativity

Over the last week, I have been plugging away on this felt nativity pattern that I found on Etsy. I got the *working with felt* bug just before Thanksgiving as I got to working on the now ultra famous annual kids' ornaments of 2009.

Seriously. I got a lot of hits on that post.

Anyway, my hand has been getting bored with all the tedious cutting of tiny pieces. I find that often my least favorite part of this process of making stuff comes from all the cutting. Maybe I would enjoy it more if I had better scissors to work with? A topic for another day probably, but now that I mention it, I am in the market for some nice shears as well as for some nice snippers. Those are the technical terms. If you've got some suggestions on a brand or direction to go in for new scissors leave me a comment. I wouldn't mind putting a little bit of money into some nice scissors. Or rather, I wouldn't mind putting it on my Christmas list. ;)

So as I have been toiling away with my less than stellar scissors, my in-laws stopped by for a visit. And with them came this:My husband's grandfather is a pastor and both he and his grandmother have traveled extensively. If you've ever seen their home, you would know it instantly. They have been collecting mementos of their travels since forever and their home is a veritable museum of goodies. They also have many very traveled friends and know lots of missionaries who have brought things back to them as gifts. During the Christmas season, they decorate their impressive bookcases with nativities that have been collected from throughout the world. It is one of my favorite parts about spending time with them at Christmas. I love all those different and unique nativities. It is interesting to see how different cultures envision the same story and how all of them evoke different feelings of the same wonderful event.

This handmade nativity was passed off to my mother-in-law to give to the Little Miss. Great Grandma has such a huge collection, she said she wouldn't miss it and thought Little Miss would enjoy it.She was most definitely right! It has been touched and arranged and played with it every day since it's been at our house.

I'm trying not to let it take the wind out of my sails to finish my little nativity. I'm thinking there is a place in our lives and homes for both of them. Actually, the more I look at the little figures, the more inspired I become. My favorite part of this nativity are the animals. The details they've included (especially on the camel and the donkey) make it something very special.


i am not December 10, 2009 at 10:54 AM  

I want one of those! That is super cool... This is going to sit in the back of my head for oh, approximately 20 years and I will finally make one for each of my girls to give to their kids.

My girls are constantly playing with their Fisher Price Little People nativity set, too. they love it. I love the idea of collecting them from different countries - this idea will also sit in the back of my head as we are fortunate to have opportunities to do that in our future.

Lilith's mommy December 10, 2009 at 12:55 PM  

I have new scissors on my Christmas list, too. I currently have some made by Fiskars. They aren't bad, I just have issues with them. My little snippers won't stay locked and my larger pair are hand me down's from my mom and has a spot where it doesn't like to cut. I believe my husband will be getting me Ginghers for Christmas. At least the 2 pairs, maybe 3 if he decides to get me pinking shears.

Skooks December 10, 2009 at 2:05 PM  

I am using my mom's old sewing scissors too! They are not awful, and they're definitely better than using regular scissors. But they also don't seem to be anything super special or heavy duty.

I have heard that Ginghers are pretty special. If you do get any for Christmas, maybe you could share your experience with them for me. :)

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