Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Decorating - In My Imaginary Sewing Room

So, yeah. I don't have a sewing room. I have a corner of my living room and all my supplies shoved in a not terribly easily accessible closet. This, however, is WAY better than what I used to have which was a tiny rolly-cart that I had to pack up completely and stow after each and every project. Oh, but how I dream about having a sewing room of my own one day.

I'm ok, don't worry. I just have so many ideas of how I would do it up if I did. And since it's Christmas, decorations in the key of sewing have been floating to my mind. I saw this post recently that made me laugh. In case of emergency ornaments = genius. I have a knitting buddy who I'd send this to if I was organized enough to make it happen this year. Alas, as she'll recall I sent her a huge box of all my yarn stash when I got out of the knitting groove and into the sewing groove (which means I'd have to buy a whole skein of yarn to achieve the ornament). The aforementioned post did, however, give me a brain wave as I was going through my sewing box later . . .

Back when all I did with sewing was mend a few things (poorly) here and there, I went out and purchased a little sewing kit. Which I promptly lost. So I got another. Which I lost. And another. I only know that I got this many because I found all of them as I began unpacking all the boxes after I moved over a year and a half ago. When you upgrade from cheapy sewing kits to legit sewing threads and notions, those early standbys take a backseat. Or rather, they end up on the bottom of the sewing box and you wonder every time you see them why exactly you're saving them. As my few faithful readers of this blog may recall, I've addressed this sickness before. So the tiny sub-par "tools" remained loitering in the basket while I moved onto bigger and better things.

I realized that these little gems would be great to decorate a mini tree with. In my imaginary sewing room. In my mind. And they could not be easier to whip up!

First, take some "choose your own adventure" glass ornaments (whichever shape will best fit your notions - easily obtainable at any craft store worth its salt).

Second, take notice of completely worthless items you can't seem to get rid of. In my case I had about 40 or so teeny tiny rolls of thread that I had managed to never need to use in the last, say, 5 years. I also have like 6 tape measures, one of which was paper and would probably rip immediately were I to ever need to actually use it.

Third, shove them inside. Ooh and aah at your cleverness.(pictured above: the el-cheapo paper tape measure)
(above: another of the many tape measures I had lying around. This one was a bit nicer quality, but kinda on the short side.)

Here's a parade of ornaments featuring the tiny spools:Fourth, pause for a moment and slightly panic that you might need those items and they will be tough to get back out again since they. just. barely. fit. in. the. hole.

Fifth, remember that you paid less than $4.75 for 10 ornaments. If this were a real emergency, you *could* break the glass and not feel terrible about it.
Sixth, kind of hate yourself for even thinking you might need to break open cheap glass ornaments to get even cheaper notions that you have never needed (even when you bought them thinking you might someday).

Seventh, notice you have several tiny pairs of scissors that couldn't cut through anything. Seriously. Nothing at all.Fancy in your imaginary sewing room tree that you might tie some festive ribbon around their handles and dangle them as ornaments along with the rest of your creations.

And finally, troll Etsy looking for some handmade fare that would complement your tree trimming. Catch yourself from purchasing items. Even cute ones that would totally work with your fabulously cute and theme-y tree. Ok . . . maybe not fabulously cute. Maybe just fabulously cheap. And theme-y.

And ridiculous.


Oh well. Pat yourself on the back for only spending $4.75 to create decor that you have nowhere to put (just as you realize that you could totally use some of your remaining tape measures as garland . . . )


Lilith's mommy December 16, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

So cute! I have to make some next year. I have my own sewing room and an extra little tree.

And what about buttons? You could string them and use them as garland, too.

And saftey pins.

Skooks December 16, 2009 at 2:41 PM  

Great idea with the buttons! There are really so many directions you can go in with this kind of decorating. I was thinking you could even put fabric scraps from projects you worked on that year, paint or stencil "Christmas [insert date here]" and they would act as little reminders of all your projects. Someday! If you get to it next year, I'd love to see what you come up with. :)

Kathy December 16, 2009 at 10:58 PM  

Skooks -- what a GREAT idea -- been trying to think of something special for my sewing friend at work -- now just gotta go find all those random items in my sewing room... oh yeah, and go buy a glass ball or two. You're the BEST ! ! ! !

Angie Holden January 2, 2010 at 7:39 PM  

CUTE!! My "sewing room" is a portion of my walk in closet -- I guess that counts! :)

Bruce November 21, 2011 at 8:56 AM  

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