Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preserve Those Precious Memories . . . with BUTTONS!

For the last few days I have been away celebrating the close of the year 2009 and the opening of the year 2010 with some of my best friends in the world.  They are not the ones I see on a regular basis.  In fact, none of them even live in the same state as me (not anymore anyway).  We all went to college together and have been gathering to celebrate the dawn of the new year as a group since NYE 2004.  I'm borrowing the words of one of them to give you an accurate idea of who they are to me as I'm sure she won't mind: these are the SOUL friends.  Honestly, it makes me so happy that we do this every NYE that my countdown to the next year starts immediately when the clock strikes 12 and the goofy ball drops.  Oh, but how I wish there was a way to gather all the people who bring real joy into your heart and make them live by you forever. If you know of such a way, please tell me.  I'd also like to be able to do this with my family, all of whom live in different places about the U.S. [sniff]

Anyway, NYE.  It's been a thing since that first time back when we were on the brink of 2005 that every year we came up with a theme for the new year.  This theme usually came out of something idiotic either said, done, or seen sometime during the NYE weekend.  A few years ago we decided that we needed to integrate more crafty exploits in our lives and it became our theme.  The goal the next year was not nearly as fun (or memorable . . . it's not coming to me at the moment what it was . . .), so we decided that in addition to the agreed upon goal we would continue to add in the creative good times.  Last year we did this by customizing an old Clue board with our own twists (customized playing pieces and cards included).

This year we did it by making *BUTTONS*.

Our hostess had procured a Badge a Minit kit from her church which we used to forever memorialize the idiocy that is NYE with the Superfriends.  Not the cartoon.  We're such a force to be reckoned with, it's what we've dubbed ourselves.  Before I share with you one example of the genius that is button-making, I must relay a little story from our weekend together:

It is New Year's Day 2010 . . . the time is maybe 9am?  I wake up to the sounds of several people trying to get into the room I'm sleeping in.  I am ridiculously tired (Kee-ku was a bit challenging to put to sleep on NYE) and wonder why there is so much fiddling with the door.  As far as I know it locks automatically when it shuts, but the rest of the friends have the key.  I finally peel my eyes open and jump out of bed as I'm now fearing that all this fumbling with the lock is going to wake Kee-ku who is still sleeping in the room with me.  I open the door to Mr. Skooks whose first words are, "I have really bad news."  It's New Year's Day 2010.  Bad news already?  Oy.

Here's the story.  At 3am, some idiot decided to break into our car.  This was discovered by our hostess who noticed the broken window as she was taking the trash out to the dumpster.    The nasty brick that was used to gain entry into our old (but very important to us!) mini-van was still laying on the driver's seat.  Glass was everywhere.  And although there was $20 cash in the glove box (which was rifled through), and 2 iPods in plain view (don't ask me why), the only thing they took was the GPS which had been stashed under the seat.  The GPS that we borrowed from work.  Ugh.  We haven't had an incident with our van since we acquired it a few years ago, so I wasn't sure what the insurance coverage *exactly* was anymore.  I was figuring we had a deductible and some of our modest Christmas bonus was about to be spent on some yahoo's thievery.  To make a long story short(er), it turns out we had coverage for just such an incident and our window was fixed and a promise was made by our insurance agent that we would get a new GPS in the mail.  More times than not being able to find the comedy in the tragedy, this little guy was made and given to Mr. Skooks as a remembrance of the event:

[Just as a little sidebar, I don't see this as an omen for how the year 2010 will be.  Some people are just yahoos, and there's not a whole lot you can do about it.]

P.S.  It looks like Badge a Minit is partying like it's 1988.  A quick glance around their site (which I had never seen until I started to create this post) reveals that their 2 1/4" Starter Kit is available for the 1988 price of $29.95.  I am HIGHLY tempted to get one.  Had you been there to partake in the hilarity of button making, you would be too.


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