Monday, February 22, 2010

Made: Recycled T-Shirt Sienna Dress

Pretty much I'm a huge fan of Lil Blue Boo.  Why?  Because her ridiculously adorable patterns have given me a great excuse to upcycle my multitudes of unused/too big/ too small t-shirts into funky clothes for the kids.

This was my first attempt at her Sienna dress pattern, and I have to say it came together really easy for me.  I was nervous about the sleeves and the neckband . . . I don't know why.  I guess I'm just like that when it comes to sewing things someone has to actually fit into.  The instructions were really clear though and it was actually kind of a breeze.

Actual sewing/prep time is hard to calculate.  I'm completely engrossed in the Olympics lately and my sewing is a little less focused because of it.  Are you guys glued to this?  I get so invested in all the stories of the athletes, and then I yell at the TV for them when it's their turn.  I'm sure they can feel my support through the TV.  I know what you're thinking.  Of course they can.

Yes, I'm kind of a dork that way.  This is why whenever I'm watching sports of any kind on TV and I start talking to the tube, Little Miss takes notice and starts shouting, "Go baby GO!"  Can you tell that we watch just a *little* bit of football in our house, and maybe Mommy gets just a *teensy bit* involved in the games?  I'm not apologizing for it.  I'm just saying.

So there were a few things on the agenda for this weekend:
  1. Make something.  Anything.
  2. Clean up and re-organize the crafty space.
Guess which thing didn't happen.

The good news?  Mr. Skooks has graciously agreed to build me some shelves to go over my sewing desk so that I can have my creative things a little more accessible and organized.  I'll keep you updated on the progress . . .

So here's a question, what'd everyone make this weekend?  If you've posted a project on your blog somewhere, I'd love to check it out.  :)

P.S. Much love to whomever it was who first "Stumbled" my Recycled Paper Flower Gift Bow Tutorial. Because of you that post went kinda viral.  And because of you I truly discovered how cool StumbleUpon actually is.
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Lilith's mommy February 22, 2010 at 1:47 PM  

I didn't get any sewing done this weekend like I wanted to. I did, however, find those pattern boxes I was looking for and got all my patterns organized. Working on some pattern weights today. Not sure what else.

Kim @ Everything Etsy February 25, 2010 at 9:15 PM  

It turned out great! I love the t-shirt dresses!

I embroidered a bit...I'll be posting about that soon! Thanks for joining us again!!!! :)


BLJ Graves Studio February 26, 2010 at 9:52 AM  

This is so cute, you did a great job!

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