Thursday, February 25, 2010

Studio Inspiration

Well, I'm kinda bummed.  For a few reasons actually:

  1. Mr. Skooks told me he was going to put my shelves up today so that I could attempt a reorganization of ye ole craft supplies/my little sewing nook.  Upon getting all the materials out, doing the measuring, debating on what height to hang them, etc, the battery for the drill de-juiced as the first shelf was being hung.  He exclaimed how genius it was that this particular drill had come with 2 battery packs as he put the other one in to finish the job.  Sadly, this one lasted all of 30 seconds before it, too, bit the dust.  Yes, must remember to charge these things so they're ready when inspiration (and time) strikes.
  2. I have no decent photo of anything to share except the mess that is still sitting there from this weekend.  I thought perhaps I could share an inspiring photo (or 10) from Flickr on what I WISH I could do with my space (but can't due to space constraints and the fact that it is basically in one corner of our living room).  I had a fun time assembling my first little Flickr gallery and was so excited to share it here.  Except all the photos are copyrighted and I'm not an infringer.  So they will stay on Flickr and off my blog.
You're dying to know what kind of studio I would like to have, aren't you?  You're just on pins and needles about it, I know.

Well, hold your britches.  And while you're doing that, peruse my little gallery of creative space inspiration.  Someday I hope to be in a place where I can have a room of my own to go wild with creativity and not feel constrained to what I can do with it because my family has to live in there too.  Until then, I'm living vicariously through these people.

Do you have your own sewing/crafting studio? Let me know in the comments so I can be thoroughly jealous inspired by you, too.


Kathy February 25, 2010 at 9:38 AM  

WOW, I soooo wish I had one of those rooms -- they are amazing, and so neat and tidy, and full of great stuff -- a sewing room is a must. After using a kitchen table in my apartment to make my wedding dress (waaay back when) -- it was mandatory when house shopping that a room be dedicated just for sewing. And some day you will have one too. Til then, charge those batteries and get those shelves up. That will help out so much.

Lilith's mommy February 26, 2010 at 12:44 PM  

My stuff is all over the place right now. My machine, serger, and ironing board were brought out to the dining room because my aunt was staying in my sewing room. I got it all back in order, but just haven't moved things back in there. And all my cutting is done on the end of our counter/bar area because my cutting mat fits just perfectly there. I should get things moved back soon, but I'm not sure how long I'll get to keep my room...Kevin may need to take it over for an office or we may be moving. :/

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