Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Asked, I Answered: How to Sew a Blind Hem Stitch

I am a casual dresser.  Even when I dress up I tend to be a little more casual than everyone else.  Can I help it that I like to be comfortable?  Is that so wrong?!

Based on this info, you can imagine my complete lack of helpfulness when a friend of mine recently asked me for advice on how to hem a pair of dress pants (aka do a blind hem stitch).  It turns out I'm her "sewing friend", and I'm supposed to know these things.  Oops.

Not to be one to just say, "I don't know," and make a friend scout around for an answer herself (yes, I am SUPER nice like that), I went on a quest across the inter-web searching for the easiest explanation.  I came across a very helpful You-Tube video courtesy of Window-Valence-Patterns.com on the subject that I thought I would share in case some of my readers have the same question.

Are you sitting on some dress pants or a nice skirt that need an "invisible" hem but don't know where to begin?  Check this out and tell me if it helps:

Got a question? I'd love to help you answer it. Shoot me an email at skooksplayground[at]gmail[dot]com, and I'll see what kind of awesomely helpful answers I can dig up for you.


Unknown February 21, 2010 at 1:00 AM  

That has to be the best video explanation I've seen for a blind hem. I have tried watching a few in the past but they were not nearly as clear, so I just gave up and never tried one. Definitely worth a try now that I understand it. Thanks for sharing!

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