Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Official . . . I'm Now a Dot Com

This change has been coming for awhile (as in, I've been thinking about doing it but didn't know if it was expensive, hard, whatever . . . kind of  I was just too lazy to figure it out at first).  But it's official!

You can now find me at:

Forget the blogspot extension because we just don't need it anymore.  :)

From what I can gather of this switch, you should still continue to receive updates in your readers using the blogspot address, but I have no idea if that changes at some point or not so change your bookmarks!  I wouldn't want to lose any of my awesome readers/ friends/ creative compadres just because I went dot com-y.

Such a little thing, but I get excited over the little things in life.  You have to sometimes, right?

Thank you for reading, subscribing, following . . . you guys are the best!


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