Thursday, April 22, 2010

Inspiration: Blog it Forward!

Well, it's officially my "day" on the Indie Biz Blogging it Forward campaign trail. I've had a great time checking in on all my former classmates inspiring posts over the last few weeks. For those of you who have never visited Skooks' Playground before, you can check out what I've been up to by perusing the links across the top of the page or explore my categories over in the sidebar.

And jeeps . . . Welcome! I'm so glad you came by.  :)

Here are a few of the things that have been inspiring me lately:
  1. My Kids: I had dabbled in sewing and craft throughout my life, but it wasn't until my daughter was born (almost 3 years ago!) that I really dove into it.  Little Miss looks at me and seems to believe I can do anything.  She sees something she likes and she says, "Mom, you can make me that!"  She's not always correct about that (by the way), but it encourages me to try different things I might not have otherwise.  She also has a love for expressing herself through art already at this young age.  Every day is a new day to "make something together" with me.  This melts my heart.  My son is only 8 months old and so far hasn't expressed any interest in doing anything other than chew on my creations.  But he has a big personality in that little body and already expresses a go get em attitude.  He's started cruising the furniture recently and the other day decided it was already time to let go and stand on his own.  The kid's got gumption.  I'm going to be drawing on this kind of *I'm just going to do this even if I fall on my face* inspiration the day I open up on Etsy.  Whenever that day is.
  2. My husband: One day this past February, in the DEAD of the bitter cold winter, Mr. Skooks decided he was going to take up running.  Outdoor running.  So he did.  He just got up and ran a couple miles.  He has proceeded to go out running in the cold every other day pretty much since that random morning.  I could see him doing a triathlon with very little effort.  He swims like a fish and already has a deep affinity for cycling.  Who does that?  Who wakes up one morning out of nowhere and just hits the ground running?  My husband does.  And I love him for it.

  3. Inspiring-ly organized crafty spaces:  I love looking at a nice clean space with all the crafty jazz arranged just so.  Not in an anal way.  In an anything is possible kind of way.  I curated a delicious gallery of inspiring crafty spaces on Flickr here.  When I move in early June I'm going to have the opportunity to make my own sewing space, and you better believe I'll be drawing inspiration from the aforementioned gallery to make it both organized and lovely.  I am jumping out of my skin on this.  I can't WAIT to get some space of my own!
  4. Bloggers:  There is so much amazing content out there you could spend the rest of your life in front of a computer trying to soak it all up.  In the interest of not keeping you here all week long, I'm making it easy on you.  If you're interested in some of my faves scroll down my sidebar or take a gander at this post and this other one where I wrote up about a few that top my list these days.

    Annie Mole image found via Flickr
  5.  Pattern Makers:  How do they do it?  So far it eludes me, but I so want to be one someday.  A few I've found that deserve mentioning: Ashley, Larissa, Meg, Dana, Patty, Hilary, and Corinne.  Oh my, and though I've yet to try one of her patterns out I must bring up Liesl who I discovered actually went to my alma mater!

  6. COLOR!  People who love neutrals, move over.  Color really energizes my thinking and puts me in a place to get creative.  Not to mention just looking at gorgeous colors just straight up makes me happy.

  7. A few words that say so much . . .

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you were able to come away from this post with a little inspiration of your own.  Be sure to check in with Nicole tomorrow as we continue to Blog it Forward.

P.S. I'd love to hear about some of your inspirations. Share with me if you wish in the comments!


Brooke April 22, 2010 at 4:45 AM  

yay! great blog it forward! :)

Barnicles April 22, 2010 at 2:01 PM  

great blog! love the family part :)

I totally agree with you about crafy spaces, u have to post pictures once your done decorating yours :)


malia April 23, 2010 at 8:40 AM  

I love that your kiddos and your hubby and I love that saying you have as your final image-- it's so true. Thanks for a fun post.

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