Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hi, I'm Skooks. You May Know Me from Such Blogs As . . .

Something that makes this whole blog world so fun is the connections we are able to make from here to there.  I can't tell you how many amazing blogs I've found because this one put a link up to that one who put a link up to that other one and what do you know I'm subscribed to over 200 blog feeds?!  Wow.  There are so many amazingly talented and clever people out there blogging up a storm.

Anyway, some really cool people have been giving me some blog lovin' lately so I'm taking my turn to recognize back.  :)

A LONG time ago, Rachel from One Pretty Thing picked up and featured my Recycled Paper Flower Gift Bow Tutorial.  That was so lovely of her, and she did it again just recently when Cynthia came by to guest post with her DIY Paint with Water cards.

Speaking of people who loved Cynthia's tutorial, there have been a-plenty:
I saw a shout-out to me from a blogger in Swedish!  Google translator helped me understand it says something like:  "I am a little weak for flowers in all forms.  But yes, this paper flower, which is made of old paper, beautiful?"  :)
I have only seen it happen once, but I did come across this beautiful rendering of my Recycled Paper Flower Gift Bow.  I meant to give a shout out back to her a long time ago and then promptly forgot.  Check her blog out though, lots of cool stuff on there.

Has anyone else made one of those?  I'd love to see some more pics if you have them.  Join my new "I saw it on Skooks' Playground and had to make it" Flickr group and link your projects up!

Oh, and one more acknowledgment.  I just noticed that Trendy Treehouse is featuring me as their Random Sponsor Pick this week.  So it's random, so what?  I'm random.  :P  (It's the first time I've seen anyone use my little blog button too!)

Anyway anyway, thank you to everyone who has had a kind word to say about my blog, thrown me on your blog-roll, or given one of my projects a whirl.  You're making me feel all glad inside.

Thanks, friends!


CraftyMummy May 4, 2010 at 2:15 AM  

You're more than welcome, Skooks!

stacey May 4, 2010 at 3:55 PM  

YAY MY COMMENTS CAME BACK!!!!! THANK YOU so much again for your help:) I gave you a thank you on my last post - and I will put you on my blogroll . . . as soon as it comes back . . . it is missing at the moment- but I'm sure it will be back soon;)

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