Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Practical Sewing: Flower Girl Dress Alterations

After hacking away at all the extra fabric and sewing and patching parts of the dress that were never meant to be refashioned, I finally gave up on finished the dress.  Little Miss was ecstatic.  It had just the right amount of little girl flounce that she couldn't stop (very sincerely) curtsying in my direction. 

I think any serious seamstress would have been absolutely appalled by the things I did to that dress.

I know I was.

But in the end it was wearable and apparently passable.  Those that were in the know that I had worked on it gave me compliments on how well it turned out. 

They may have just been being nice.

Mr. Skooks thought it turned out "good enough."  I would tend to agree.

The best compliment I got on it from someone who didn't realize how many hours I poured into making it work for a MUCH smaller person was said by the bride's mother: "Oh, it doesn't look too big."

All I could bring myself to say to her was, "It's been heavily doctored."

You may be wondering about my picture here since obviously it is completely unrelated to flower girl dresses and such.  I found it on my computer after the move.  I was planning on posting it before I moved, but AT&T shut me down before I could get it up there and then there was that whole not getting the internet up and running for weeks debacle . . . so here it is.

Completely irrelevantly late.

It made me laugh though to find it.  Jess and I were so much on the same page with our recent moves.


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