Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Kitchen Helper Toddler Apron

A year or two ago, my niece got an apron while she was visiting over at her little friend's house.  They made cookies or something together that afternoon and she got to take her little apron home when the time came.  Since that time her sister has grown up a bit and is now much more interested in "helping out in the kitchen" than she was before.  (She's creeping up on 3.) 

The question arose: "Why don't I have an apron?"

Indeed, why not?

So I was entreated last week by my sister to make up a little apron for her latest little helper.

I don't have an overwhelmingly large stash of fabric at my disposal, though I do have several random pieces from a friend of mine who was destashing awhile back.  I don't know that my niece is super "into" cats or anything, but the fabric is bright and colorful and kid friendly (and I had enough of it) so I just went with it.  (I think it is called Kaleidoscope Cats by Northcott.)

I (roughly) used these guidelines found over at Supafine.  It came together without any issues in very little time.  I did use her modification of making 2 straps at the top instead of the one continuous loop.  Seemed to make more sense that way anyhow.
Looking to make your own kid's apron?  Check out this little apron tutorial roundup I put together awhile back.  And then get together with your favorite little person and make me some cookies.


Sara August 16, 2010 at 9:37 AM  

Oh, I just saw this now!!!!!! I LOVE IT! So will she!

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