Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spoonflower Swatch Day - There's Still Time!

Ever wanted to design your own fabric? Even better - ever wanted to design your own fabric and then get it printed for free?!

Here's your chance because it's still Spoonflower Swatch Day until noon EST on Friday August 27th!

Ok, so that's not very fair and doesn't leave you a lot of time for designing, does it? So sorry. But consider perusing the many indie designers out there who have offered up their designs for sale. I just nabbed a swatch from the designer behind the Fantastic Toys blog (of what else but those cute little Sewing Friends.)

Sewing Friends Small Scale Print

Only one free swatch per person, but this little veggie print by Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane was an EXTREMELY CLOSE second.

fruit and veggie madness

Hurry!  Quick now!  You're running out of time!!

Did I mention it was FREE?!

P.S. In lieu of paying for your swatch, Spoonflower is putting a little donation box on the checkout page for you to make a donation to Heifer International (one of my favorite hand-up charities) equal to the amount that is normally charged for a swatch ($5). Not mandatory, but please consider doing this. It is a great organization which you can read more about right here.


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