Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let This Be a Lesson to You

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I've been a bit quiet on ye ole blog lately about what I've been working on. Aside from the secret baby projects for the many expectant moms I know and love, I've been slowly working on making some inventory for my shop.

You just gasped. I heard you.

I was hesitant to announce this because I'm unsure when I'll have enough inventory to make a decent opening . . . I don't want to open up and throw in a whopping 2 items and my time to sew lately is limited mostly to the weekends. So it's going slowly . . . but steadily. I only mention it now because I had a little problem due to all this sewing for the shop business.

Correction: I HAVE a little problem.

Yes, there is something up with my machine. My sweet Connie . . . friend to all. She is suffering at my hands. I still have not completely diagnosed the problem, but I can tell you . . . it's probably all my fault.

So, here's what happened. Upon *near completion* of item #4 for yet-to-exist-shop, I broke a needle. No biggie . . . I hadn't changed it in awhile. But then I broke another. And another. And then Connie started making some squeaky noises. My sweet machine . . . who is usually so quiet and just purring along with me as I go was starting to sound a bit labored.

I thought I was going to cry.

I dug up my manual and for the first time since I've owned her (SHOOT ME NOW) I took off her throat plate and popped out her bobbin casing to clean out the lint.

THERE. I've said it.

What the world was I thinking for the last 2 YEARS not going in there and cleaning things up a bit? I have no idea . . . maybe terrified I'd break it and not know how to put it back together?

Silly? YES.

Do I regret it? YES.

After taking out some pieces of fur that would likely set a clothes dryer on fire, I closed her back up. I'd take pictures of the gunk but it is TOO APPALLING to share with the world. I should have oiled her when I was done with all this, but can you believe it I HAD NO SEWING MACHINE OIL.

I am ashamed. Yes I am.

So since she was still sounding a little creaky after the big cleanout, I took a little side trip the other day to my local Jo-Ann and picked up some oil. Haven't had a chance to grease her up yet, and I'm EXTREMELY hopeful that this will fix her up good as new. If not, I'm looking at having to bring her in to the shop.


So here's my little P.S.A. to y'all: Don't be afraid to perform basic maintenance on your sewing machine! The know-how is all in your sewing machine manual. This does not have to be a terrifying experience! Don't neglect your right arm sewing machine. She's there to provide you with peaceful and quiet hours of making, but you got to give her something to work with.

Cross your fingers. Say a prayer. I don't have gobs of money set aside for sewing machine repair should there be a deeper issue at work here. And it would be a REAL buzz-kill to have to stop working on the shop inventory this early on in the game!


Kathy September 28, 2010 at 11:04 AM  

Yikes, always a terrifying moment when our machine has issues. Hopefully you have it under control. And you probably know this, but if not - be sure to stitch through some scrap fabric after oiling Connie, just to be safe - and not sorry. Good luck - can't wait to see what you have planned.

Sammy September 28, 2010 at 12:17 PM  

Can I say--it's about time! No gasping here, just a joyous smile. If I can help in any way, let me know.

And you're awesome.

Unknown September 29, 2010 at 6:58 PM  

My fingers are crossed for Connie! Glad the cards made you smile :)

Sarah x

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