Saturday, October 2, 2010

Glow Happy - A Quest for the Elusive "Fat Eighth"

For awhile now I've been eyeballing a certain fabric line.  Ok . . . actually I've been eyeballing a LOT of fabrics, but one in particular has been on my mind lately.

Ever heard of Happy Zombie aka Monica Solario-Snow?

Image via TrueUp

Of course you have. I mentioned her awhile back when I entered a giveaway in an attempt to win 25 fat quarters of her lovely Holiday Happy line.  (And also, she's pretty well-known.) 

I really dig the non-traditional colors she used for her fabric line . . . so cheerful and fun!
Image via TrueUp

Well, I didn't win. You would have heard me shouting it from the rooftops if I had.

So, it was on to Plan B. Scour the internet looking for some of this delicious fabric and figure out what the heck to make out of it. (I always TRY very hard to buy fabric with a purpose in mind or I get too attached to it, become too scared to cut into it, and I end up sitting on piles of fabric. I know a lot of people just buy and hoard fabric, but I don't have the money for such things so it is what it is.)


So I came across her free Glow Happy pattern and got all geeky-ball excited about the prospect of tackling a special little Christmas quilt. After all, the thing is subtitled "Happy Little Lanterns of Candy Colored Holiday Happiness."

I know . . . now you want to make one too.  ;)

So, I set out to find a place that would actually cut me fat eighths since that's what the pattern calls for and I know for a fact that it is not sold in my local quilt shop.  Etsy turned up plenty of sellers that carry the line, but most stopped at fat quarter size.  I ended up contacting the owner of The Stockroom because they seemed to be one of the only shops who actually carry the full line, and I needed 25 different fat eighths to make the pattern.  They got back to me super quick and let me know that they could fulfill my request.  Hooray!  Only $30 for all those lovely cuts and they shipped them out to me the same day!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love to patronize Etsy sellers?  They're the best!

I just checked back in their shop as I suspected that this might be a product they would restock.  As it turns out, I had a brilliant idea! ;)  So anyway, if you're looking to make this quilt and don't want/have the funds to buy all the extra fabric, check out The Stockroom because they'll totally hook you up.

And no, they didn't give me a discount for mentioning how cool they were on my blog.  Just wanted to pay it forward.  SO excited to see all the lovelies in person and get to quiltin'!  :)


Unknown October 2, 2010 at 1:25 PM  

holy crap!! that fabric is amazing!!

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