Thursday, October 7, 2010

My 200th Post - What the Blog?

In honor of my 200th post (WOW . . . I have a lot to say, I guess) I decided it would be fun to do a little looksee back into the archives of Skooks' Playground and do a little Blog In Review.  I came across this idea awhile back via Centsational Girl as part of the 7 Links Challenge at ProBlogger.  I've been wanting to do this post for awhile, and as I saw my 200th post approaching I thought it seemed fitting.

For those of you who have read since the beginning and for those of you who are reading for the first time, THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE.  It has been so much fun to go off on all these creative tangents with you . . . I hope to continue doing so for a whole lot longer.

Fasten your seatbelts.  Cause here she blows.  :D

1.  Your first post

  • I must start this off with a bit of a confession.  This blog goes back to the year 2007, but I actually only started "Skooks' Playground" as such in November of 2009.  So I guess in that case it's been less than a year.  The reason the archives go so far back is because I have a personal blog that was getting injected with my creative whims more and more over the years and I wanted to keep all that stuff together (as well as "go public").  It took a long time (there may have been an easier way but I redid each of those postings manually - ugh), but now all this creative goodness lives in the same place.  For this reason I am less than impressed with the formation of many of those "first" posts (as my audience was limited to my family and I was a very new blogger), but I like having them here because you can definitely see a progression with my skills and, at least for me, that's encouraging to see.  (Explore the old archives sometime . . . you'll see what I mean.)
  • With all that being said, I'm going to share two "first posts" with you.
    • This first is actually THE first.  I wrote it back in September of 2007 about DIY Babylegs.  I had found a sweet tutorial on how to make babylegs out of knee high socks and, as Little Miss was not even a year old yet, this was a great beginner project.  Though come to think of it, looking back I realize I had really no idea what I was doing.  Sewing on knits when you have very little experience with sewing anything is kinda crazy, but when I get an idea in my mind I just run with it.  So I did.  (And to this day LM still wears some of those pairs of DIY Babylegs on chilly days.  Guess they hold up pretty well!)  
    • The second is my first "I know I'm going public" post.  I wrote it in November of 2009 about The Nimble Thimble.   No one has ever asked  me to do a product review, but I have taken it upon myself over the last while to do some reviews here and there of sewing products/notions that I think are worthwhile.  If you're interested you can check out those "Tools of the Trade" posts right here.  Now that I'm reminded of this post, I think I'll do a few more reviews.  They're fun and I have gotten a lot of new "toys" since I last posted on this topic that I'd like to share with you.  Must write that down . . .
2.  A post you enjoyed writing the most
  •  This is a hard one.  I really do enjoy writing as a rule.  But one of my favorites was one called The Ornament Legacy . . . it was kind of a tribute to my mom and her awesome-ness.  I don't think the writing itself is stellar or anything, but I had a great time documenting all the cool stuff she's made for me in Christmases past.
3.  A post which had great discussion
4.  A post on someone else’s blog you wish you’d written
  • So many awesome posts written by so many awesome bloggers.  I could go with something inspirational, or an awesome tutorial . . . but instead I'm going to go with this bit of hilarity from Hyperbole and a Half called This is Why I'll Never Be an Adult.  SO FUNNY.  AND TRUE.
5.  Your most helpful post
  • Tough call . . . I guess it depends who you ask.  I've done a few that have gotten a bit of attention so I'll highlight those for you. 
    •  I haven't tackled as many tutorials as I was hoping I would by this point, but my most viral post (to this day) has been the tutorial I posted on Recycled Paper Flower Gift Bows.  I remember that the writing and photo-documenting of all the steps was kinda painstaking.  Some people liked it so much they actually ripped the images off my blog and posted them on their own as if they had put this tute together themselves.  I was less excited about that.  But then again, ripping off someone's work and posting it as your own is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  (Yes, I'm being cheeky.)  ;)
    • Another one that has gotten a lot of traffic (a bit surprising because it was written well before I had any readers) was this one about the cloth baby book I made for my cousin's baby.  If you're wondering if making Simplicity 3709 is for you, you'll want to check it out.
6.  A post with a title you are proud of
7.  A post you wish more people had read
  • To be honest, several years worth of posts have probably never been touched by most readers of this blog . . . so it's hard to pick one.  I really wish more people had read the post I wrote about Charitable Crafting.  For those of us who have the talent and the time (almost everyone can make time SOMETIME) there are so many great charities who could use the help.  I hope some of you reading this will go check out the list that's been curated there (and the McLinky at the bottom) of organizations that need your help!  (Which, if you have a couple more you like, please add them to the list.)  While I enjoy writing about and documenting my own craftabilities for their own sake, I hope that my blog exists to also encourage others to reach outward and give back to others.
Thanks for reading (and commenting) everyone.  I really mean that.

Here's to another 200 posts!


Kathy October 7, 2010 at 3:11 PM  

Dear Skooks - here's wishing you a most happy 200th posting (WOW 200 already!!!) -- CONGRATULATIONS! I LOVE reading about all your crafty endeavors, so keep 'em coming.

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