Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Orange Teal-ight!

Had to run a few errands this weekend.  Nothing too special.  For one thing I needed a new pillow.  And the kids needed new shoes.

Oh yeah . . . it was seriously party time.

I did call a friend to make the time a bit more of a social event, left the kids at home with Mr. Skooks so I could shop without the "are we done yet?" commentary, and grabbed a few coupons to JoAnn if perchance we happened to stop there. 

Ok . . . so I planned on going there.  Yes . . . yes, I did.

But I was so good.  I restricted myself to the yardage required to finish my Glow Happy quilt top (Kona cotton was on sale AND I had the 25% off your entire purchase coupon so I was completely justified) and only drooled on other fabrics I saw.

Sorry, other JoAnn shoppers.

Anyway, as is the case just about wherever I shop but especially when I fabric shop, there was some serious perusal of clearance fabrics.  A lot of it was  . . . well . . . meh.  But we did come across some cute teal fabric with orange accents.

Let me make this clear.  I didn't buy any.

But I thought about it later.  A lot actually.  Not because of that particular missed opportunity exactly.  More just the color combo itself. 

I'm digging it big time.

I'm having some little daydreams about redoing our bedroom (or rather, DOING it period) in this teal and orange combo.  Nothing crazy dramatic . . . but I'd love to include these colors as accents. 

Wouldn't you know it drove me to make a new Treasury?

You can check out all my sweet finds here.  (That print on the top row 3rd from the left . . . I've had that one favorited for a long time.  Would love to make that the jumping off point for the room makeover.  So pretty!)

What color combo is floating your boat these days?


anissa ljanta April 7, 2011 at 4:43 AM  

like the colours in your sunshine award on the right here!

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