Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bee Updated - Where We're At Today

So, it's been A LONG TIME since the Vintage Sheet Freedom Bee was to have ended, but as I was cleaning out and organizing my fabric the other day I found my bee blocks and realized I never updated you on the last ones I received.  There's one out there in the world that's still coming to me . . . I just know it!  (Wink, wink, Jessica.  LOL.)

Hedgerow Block by Deb
Hedgerow Block by Deb

Crazy 9 Patch by Ginger
Crazy 9 Patch by Ginger

Wonky Star by Christina
Wonky Star by Christina

Disappearing 9 Patch by Jilly
Disappearing 9 Patch by Jilly

9 Patch by Brenda on behalf of Kylie
9 Patch by Brenda on behalf of Kylie (whose poor sewing machine broke)

Postage Stamp (?) by Anissa
Not for sure on the name, but it looks kind of Postage Stamp to me - by Anissa

And here they all are combined with the blocks I showed you in my last update:
1. Hedgerow Block by Deb, 2. Crazy 9 Patch by Ginger, 3. Wonky Star by Christina, 4. Disappearing 9 Patch by Jilly, 5. Postage Stamp (?) by Anissa, 6. Dresden Plate Block - by Tracey, 7. 9 Patch by Brenda on behalf of Kylie, 8. Tenessee Block - by Brenda, 9. Flying Geese Block - by Mel, 10. Shoofly Block - by me!, 11. Wonky Log Cabin Block - by Leslie
So close . . . just need one more!!

I was also showered with some lovely blocks last month from my Bee Vintage group members.  Still waiting on several more, but the ones I have are lovely and worth noting (because who doesn't love a mongoloid update on these things I ramble about from time to time?)

The first couple came from Sarah.  She was a total rock star and made me 2 even though I only asked for 1.  :)
You Are Here by Sarah - #1
You Are Here by Sarah - Block #1

You Are Here by Sarah - #2
You Are Here by Sarah - Block #2

Then came this beauty from our Queen Bee, Heather:
You Are Here by Heather
You Are Here by Heather

Nikki cut up some of her precious pink gingham to make this marvelous block (love that fussy center!):
You Are Here by Nikki
You Are Here by Nikki

And then Tammie pulled this one out of her hat . . . she added that lovely blue gingham and the fabulous green for the background:
You Are Here by Tammie
You Are Here by Tammie

Here they are together.  Obviously not a final layout, what with the missing pieces and all, but can't you already see how sweet this is going to look?!
1. You Are Here by Tammie, 2. You Are Here by Heather, 3. You Are Here by Nikki, 4. You Are Here by Sarah - #1, 5. You Are Here by Sarah - #2

Ladies - I want you to know that I love each and every block you've sent me.  I can't wait to get the rest so I can get assembling my quilt tops.  These are going to be quilts that I treasure forever because they were made among friends.  :)


craftytammie May 17, 2011 at 11:49 PM  

it's awesome how they look like they were made for each other!! the colors are matching so well! i still have pieces cut out and in progress for another one for you - bear with me :)

Skooks May 18, 2011 at 11:41 AM  

Seriously?! You rock!! Can't wait to see it. :) This is going to be such an amazing quilt.

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