Friday, May 27, 2011


We're so close! I urge you to read the following post and contact your congressman so we can SAVE THE HANDMADE TOY (& general children's items) INDUSTRY in this country. For those of you that have never called your congressperson . . . it's time!

If you don't stand up, WHO WILL?

Can you imagine?  If this thing passes I might actually have the ability to do (within the laws of this land) what I most want to do, which is make and sell quality, safe, and unique clothes and toys for children. I have dreams about it all the time. Honestly.  You don't need to do it for me . . . just consider what options are left for our children when we are left with the garbage that big box stores (the only ones who can really absorb the costs associated with this bill) have to offer as the handmade business of making safe and quality items for children slowly dies away.

Seriously, don't gloss this over and assume someone else will call!!

Let your voice be heard! You were given the right to vote for a reason.

The CPSIA needs real reform RIGHT NOW.

Please take a few moments of your time and read on:
Handmade Toy Alliance Blog: Is this YOUR Congressman? We need your help! 


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