Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ok Ok . . I GET It Now . . .

*****Author's Note: I thought this post was eaten by Blogger on Friday the 13th (those of you who use Blogger may recall the frustration that day), so I went a different direction later when I stopped wringing my hands over losing my whole post and instead told you all about my fabric haul.  As it turns out, it showed back up in my draft folder today so I'm publishing it now.  Hallelujah.*****

As I haven't always been very fabric snobby savvy, it's taken me a bit to get my bearings with "designer" fabrics.  There seems to be a lot of hoopla around certain designers (seems like everyone is ga ga over Amy Butler whenever she does anything, for example), and as I've read and seen and felt fabric more . . . it's coming to me a bit more why.

This post isn't about Amy Butler at all actually.  I like quite a lot of her stuff, but I'm not of the opinion that everything she touches turns to gold (though . . . a lot of the stuff she touches seems to).  When it comes down to it, some people just have an eye for design and partner up with textile companies that just use better quality fabric to print their stuff on . . . in this I'm with Amy.

But what I really get now is the hype over Heather Ross.  I think I figured out she existed around the time that Far Far Away I was coming out and I became enamored with this cute little frog print:

Never did pick up any . . . as I've mentioned before I'm not a fabric hoarder in the traditional sense.  I'm more of a scrap hoarder . . . so hard to throw away the least little bit of leftover fabric from a project because well jeeps . . . I just might find a use for it.  The point is, I see stuff that I like but have no immediate project in mind for and then the stuff just goes away.  Like it is no longer printed, and then I think of a great project for it and it's just GONE.  Poof.  VANISHED.

Or in the case of Heather Ross, it is being sold in itty bitty bits and pieces on Etsy and eBay for the equivalent of a million dollars a yard because it's EXTREMELY RARE and HTF (that's "hard to find" for those of you who still don't use abbreviations in your writing and reading).

So, ok.  I had never actually seen any Heather Ross fabric in person before.  I've got one good quilt store in town that I know of that carries the better-than-JoAnn fabric selection, but they don't have it all.  By any means.  But I kept seeing these adorable quilts and projects on Flickr (total time-suck website that I'm completely addicted to btw) being made using this Heather Ross fabric, and I started getting the fever.  Honestly, I don't know what it is . . . the simplicity of the art work that is somehow so sweet?  The whimsical subject matter she chooses to focus on?  The fact that it's so elusive?

It's probably a bit of all of these.

And as I pondered how to spend some bit of birthday money (thanks to Mr. Skooks' grandparents . . . on both sides), I thought . . . what if I could find a bit of Heather Ross . . . what if I could get just a bit of it . . . for my very own?

So I searched around to see what I could find . . . and if I could ever lay my hands on some of that cute little frog fabric I had seen so long ago.

Thanks to the power of eBay, this little stack of sweetness came to my house today:
Heather Ross Far Far Away I mini stash

And yes . . . it was most definitely worth it.  As I said . . . I *get* it now.  Or rather . . . I *got* it.  ;)


Yadira May 22, 2011 at 3:47 AM  

I don't understand about Amy Butler either, I like some designers just for the fact that I LOVE the prints they make. Sometimes I pick a whole bunch of prints I'd like to buy and then most of them happen to be from the same designer or company. I found out the hard way just like you that prints are not forever and sometimes companies stop producing them, so anytime I love a fabric I try to get some before it goes away. Also in my fabric journey, I learned that the difference between designer's fabric and JoAnn's or Capri's (my JoAnn equivalent) fabric is the quality of the medium and the print, stiff vs soft, bright vs dull etc. I loved this post. :)

Unknown May 22, 2011 at 6:12 AM  

i really like that fabric you choose. I never really liked fabric designers or saw the hoohaa until i saw a lot of Liberty of London fabrics that are beautiful.. and Sis Boom by Jennifer Paginelli..or heather bailey fabrics.. beautiful bold prints. I just cant afford them all!

Skooks May 22, 2011 at 11:55 AM  

Yadira - I know! I've realized at the fabric store that I tend to love Free Spirit stuff the most, and I end up liking quite a bit of Alexander Henry, for example. Joel Dewberry catches my eye a lot as well. There are definitely plenty of AB patterns that I have been taken with in the past, but like I said in the post . . . it definitely does not all affect me the same. It's so true about the quality of some of the fabric at Joann's. Way after I learned more about designers and junk I realized that the stuff I have bought from Joann that I REALLY LOVE has all been designer without even realizing it. A lot of the rest has been kind of so-so in quality and feel.

Claire - I have yet to see some Liberty of London fabrics in person so I'm not crazy over them at the moment. Seems a lot of people are though and the price point they're at, makes me believe that they are probably very high quality.

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