Thursday, May 5, 2011

Organizing Fabric - Like a Superhero

Although I'm not "done", I thought I'd give you a little peek into what I worked on all during Kee-ku's naptime yesterday.

After reading this brilliant article on fabric stash organizing using comic book backing boards, I became immediately enthralled and hopped onto eBay to see if I could get some for cheap.  I nabbed a pack of 100 for $4!  Seriously great steal of a deal.


I sat on the backer boards for a few days after I got them as last week was all party, all the time.  Little Miss and I have birthdays 3 days apart from each other, and as you can imagine there was celebrating and cake and coconut cream pie and ice cream and family visiting from out of town . . . (don't read into me listing all the food before the family, k?) . . . anyway . . . all that was wonderful, but there was no time for organizing.

Didn't have time to finish the backpack either.  :(

Anyhoo, it all worked out yesterday . . . the stars aligned with Kee-ku's nap, and I got my fold on.

It took more and less time than I thought it would.  Try doing this sometime and see what I mean.  :)

Formerly all most of my fabric was hanging out in all the dresser drawers in my sewing room.  While I felt that was a good place for it (generally), it was getting entirely unmanageable to keep it straight and actually find stuff when I needed it.  It seemed that every time I opened a drawer to peruse the stash for a bit of this or that, everything else would get torn apart and become a completely jumbled mess.  And no, I did NOT re-straighten it after every time I went stash diving.  SURPRISE SURPRISE.

You have no idea how satisfying it was to just pull everything out of those drawers (4 of them anyway) and roll them onto the boards.  I even found a few things in there I forgot I had!

Fabric Stash - Freshly Organized!

I have a really odd stash.  From this view you can see all these *kid* fabrics.  99% of them were given to me by a friend after I had Little Miss.  She was destashing and thought I would be more likely to use them now that I had a kid.  The truth is I've dipped into them a bit here and there, but methinks they are destined for some charity quilts as they're not really my style (even as far as kids' stuff goes).  Well . . . maybe the Curious George can stay.  :)

Fabric Stash - Freshly Organized!
From this view you get a better feel for how little I have left on a lot of these prints . . . there are some really skinny "bolts" in there!  If I ever buy extra for a project it's never much.  The fact that this filled up an entire shelf astonishes me quite frankly.

While I was on the fabric folding train, I decided to tidy up my vintage sheet stash.  I found this nifty fat quarter folding video and decided to give it a whirl.  The sheets are a tad slippery with this method, but it still works.  And now they're all the same size and won't come apart if I pull one out of the bunch.  I found the wire bin at Hobby Lobby last summer when all their "garden" stuff was on clearance.  I think it was $1 or less.

Vintage Sheet Fat Quarters
And now they get to hang out with the toy sewing machines.  Happiness!

I've still got to sort through my interfacing and batting (and 2 more drawers of fabric), and I've got a few smallish baskets of fat quarters I need to get under control, but it's coming along!  It feels good to get a little spring cleaning done in ye ole sewing room.

I thought about showing you the project table, but I have (literally) 3 projects going on it at once, and I think I might scream if I had to see the picture pop up on my blog.

Hey, at least I'm admitting it.    ;)


Heather May 5, 2011 at 12:19 PM  

This has been on my list of things to do forever. Even a good sorting out would make me happy! Once on the boards, are you organizing by color, by line, by designer? I like to keep my lines together, but think it may make more sense to go by color. I dunno. Ain't happening today. I have a bathroom to paint. Possibly my least favorite job, ever. Thus, the procrastinating writing to you!

Angela May 5, 2011 at 1:34 PM  

yay! your stash looks so beautiful!

Skooks May 5, 2011 at 2:47 PM  

Heather - I think if I actually had a "good" fabric stash, I'd group things in lines by designer . . . then odds and ends in color families. I don't know. At the moment it's such a hodgepodge of stuff. What's going on at the moment is flannels, kids prints, batiks, regular prints by color(ish), solids, and then non-quilter's cotton miscellaneous (corduroy, gauze, vinyl, etc). Most of my "nice" fabric is in small chunks (aka fat quarters) which I'll probably fold similar to the vintage sheet FQs. Need to find another container for those though . . .

Oh, and let me tell you about bathroom paint procrastination. We started painting our upstairs bathroom A YEAR AGO, got one coat on (definitely needs at *least* one more . . . totally streaky and looks like crap), and then LEFT IT LIKE THAT. Oy. That needs to get done. Like a year ago yesterday. Thanks for the reminder. :P

Angela - You rock. For reals.

Two Shades of Pink May 5, 2011 at 9:35 PM  

This has been on my list to do too. I even went as far as to price them online but I never bought them. But yours looks so good! And I am with you...I have all this fabric that is just not me either but I always find a way to use it so I don't have the hear to get rid of it. BUt you have inspired me to get going on this! And I am with you...mine gets out of control and then I end up folding it all in different places and never remeber what drawers or containers I put them in!

Kathy May 5, 2011 at 11:41 PM  

Wow, what wonderful idea - not to mention how cool it looks on the shelf.

Skooks May 6, 2011 at 10:18 AM  

Jess - Honestly, it's a great feeling to get this under control. I didn't even think it was all that bad until I really got into it. I actually feel like I can breathe enough to be creative again. I wonder if we can find enough people that are holding onto bits and pieces of nice-but-not-their-style fabric that we could get a little quilting bee going. Nothing major. Maybe everyone makes like a block or 2 or something and then I can quilt em up and donate them somewhere. That could be fun.

Aunt Kath - The internet never ceases to amaze me. Honestly, I really appreciate how crafters so freely share their ideas.

Sammy May 6, 2011 at 11:29 AM  

Every day I find I am more impressed with you! Seriously, I think you rock! In my heart, there is a corner that longs to be as cool as you are.

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