Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Custom Order: Fancy Beach Bags

Seems like an odd time of the season as the weather is turning decidedly fall-ish around here, to post about beach bags, but last week that was the project I finished.  I was excited to try a pattern (the Nikki Tote Bag pattern from Paisley Pear Quilts) that I had gotten awhile back but hadn't had a chance to make yet.  The good news is, I really love the pattern and will definitely use it to make more bags in the future.  Maybe even one for myself!  (The pattern is really diverse . . . I think it made for some super chic beach bags, but I could see this being used as a regular everyday bag for those people who generally need to have a lot on hand - - moms of all stripes come to mind . . . and would also make a terrifically cute diaper bag!  It is written to have 3 internal pockets, which I realized after making it up were the perfect size for wallet, sunglasses, and sunscreen.)

Oh . . . do pardon the photos.  I didn't have a chance to take proper ones before the bags were picked up from my house.  Actually, I wasn't even home when they were picked up so Mr. Skooks grabbed some shots for me quick so at least I'd have some record of them.  The focus fabrics were picked out by the buyer, and I just went with my gut for the rest.  All I had to go on was, "Beachy . . . and FUN."  :)

The first one was done in an Alexander Henry print: Jardin de San Marcos in Blue.

I decided to pull out that deep purple and used Kona's Bright Periwinkle for the handles.  I went with a lovely shade of blue (Kona Peacock) for the lining and pockets. 

The second one was done in Robert Kaufman's Vera's Garden Tropical Floral:

For this one I went with Kona Canary for the handles and Kona Papaya for the lining and pockets.

Here's how they turned out:
Fancy Pants Beach Bags

One aspect not written into the pattern that I was asked to add was a zipper.  I consulted with the pattern author who couldn't remember if it was a 16 or 18" zipper that was needed, but she helped me figure out where/how to insert it.  (I love patronizing Etsy pattern writer's for just this very reason - - thank you, Michelle!)  The only issue I ran into was one that I will never run into again . . . that is, I have taken a solemn vow to never buy a Coats and Clark zipper again.  NEVER EVER.  For real.  Talk about a crap product.  Nothing like making a gorgeous bag and putting a piece of crap zipper in to just ruin the whole effect.  Shoddy.  So what if I can get them locally at JoAnn and use a coupon?  NOT WORTH IT.
Jardin Bag Inside Split Pocket
Exhibit A: Crap Zipper . . . all that work and it barely functions.

Veras Garden Inside Pockets
Exhibit B: FANTASTIC Zipper . . . totally worth the extra effort to add it.

For the second one I patronized my new BFF in zipper-land, Jennie over at Zipit.  I've bought from her shop in the past . . . her zips are THE BEST and because she's just across the lake from me,  they ship super fast even without expediting.  Hurray!  YKK saved me on that second bag, truly.  For future reference, you need a 16" non-separating NON Coats and Clark NON crap-o-la zipper to get a good result on this bag.  Trust me, it's like a night and day difference and has a huge impact on the final product.
Veras Garden Zipper Closure
Veras Garden Front
Despite the zipper, I think I liked this one the best:
Jardin Bag Front
Beachy . . . and fun?  I think I got this one.  :)


Two Shades of Pink September 7, 2011 at 12:41 PM  

You amaze me. that yellow one is absolutely my favorite too though I like them both a lot! I just think these are so happy and look incredibly professional and chic. And I love the buttons so much too! amaze me my precious friend.

Kathy September 7, 2011 at 9:18 PM  

Really, really cute bags, looks like you're on your way Skooks!

Angela Fitch September 8, 2011 at 9:27 AM  

These bags are awesome! I think I like the purple one the best too. I love how the deep purple handles draw out the colors in the bag. You totally rocked these in my opinion dear! Great job!

Leah September 8, 2011 at 9:31 PM  

These turned out AWESOME. You know what helped? Having an awesome sister awesomely brainstorming with you on awesome matching colors. That purple bag is AWESOME.

lindsey September 10, 2011 at 2:15 PM  

These bags are gorgeous! I just purchased this pattern and was wondering which type of closure to use. I'm not zipper savvy, but would love to add one to this bag. Are there directions on how to install this zipper? Thanks!

lindsey September 10, 2011 at 2:16 PM  

Beautiful! I just purchased this pattern and would love to install a zipper as well. Are there directions on how to do so?

Ashley September 12, 2011 at 1:52 PM  

These look awesome! Check out my post have been given an award!

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