Friday, October 28, 2011

Four Things Friday - Vol 1: Jobs


It's been eons since I've done any kind of meme-ing out here in blogland.  Memes don't seem to pop up on blogs I read anymore . . . I suppose everyone is over them.  Maybe because we're not 12.  I thought it might be fun to do a regular post though . . . something that was kind of random and not always related to sewing or getting my craft on.

Hopefully this doesn't bother people who have put my blog into a craft-acular box decoupaged with Heather Bailey fabric.

So as to not bore you terribly with these random ramblings, I thought I'd keep it to four.  Four Things.  Of random decision.  Which hopefully don't make you click "unfollow" immediately.  Fingers crossed, people.

For Volume 1, I thought it might be fun to highlight some of the completely random jobs I've held over the years.  So here we are . . . with our first edition of Four Things Friday.

Four Jobs I've Held:
  1. Bank Teller - This was actually the second job I ever had.  Ok, wait . . . 3rd.  Though that first one was a totally weird story.  I was hired to work at this cookie bakery shop in the mall.  Technically I was hired.  Before my first day, though, the boss called to tell me I was fired because she found someone who was willing to work Sundays.  Bootleg.  So, I got this other totally awful job at the mall (partial overnight stocking - ICK . . . partial watching the front of the store so people didn't steal stuff - DOUBLE ICK).  At least with that one I got to play with a Hoberman Sphere to make it seem less like I was a security guard.  I really hated that job though and didn't stay for very long.  All of this has nothing to do with being a bank teller, which is a totally self-explanatory job situation.  And I was really good at it.
  2. Escort Driver - Ok, don't be weird.  I said escort DRIVER not escort.  I was working for a branch of my college's campus safety driving this little dinky car around late at night picking up people who didn't feel like walking from the parking lot to their dorm.  Especially if they were drunk.  Technically though, it's a bad idea to call campus safety for a ride to your dorm if you're intoxicated and living on campus because 1) it's a dry campus and 2) if you're living on campus you're probably underage.  So, duh.  All in all, it wasn't the worst job I've had, but it's a pretty small campus and driving around for 4-8 hours at a time got really boring REALLY fast.
  3. Teacher's Assistant - This was my first kind of legit "I have special knowledge about something" kind of a job.  I worked with the instructor of my social work interviewing lab . . . basically we were there to create scenarios for the students so that they could practice solution-focused therapy.  And then we evaluated their techniques.  Might not seem like it would be, but this was one of the more fun jobs I've ever had.  And yes, I do have a BSW.  And no, I'm not currently using it in any kind of way that makes me money.
  4. Youth Director - This was an awesomely exhausting job that I was blessed to do with a team of friends for several years.  We led Bible studies, coordinated outings, retreats, mission trips, and built mentoring relationships with high school students.  I decided to step back from it after I had Little Miss which I still think was the right decision, but I certainly miss the community.  Kind of funny sidenote - I actually had 2 of Mr. Skooks' brothers as students in my youth group before I got to know him. 
OK . . . enough about me.   What kinds of jobs have YOU had?

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