Wednesday, December 21, 2011


You know, I really do try my best to plan out any sewing/making that needs to be done by a certain date. Christmas related sewing is especially tricky because it seems that if you don't at least *start* it by December 1st, there's no way it's going to get done.  And you stress yourself out.  And that just makes everything less fun.

Regardless of all of this, I have really gotten myself into a pickle this year with Little Miss (as I have previously alluded to here).  Let me give you a brief rundown of what NOT to do so you just don't have to ever be in this situation.

No really . . . this is what I did and I would NOT recommend  it:

  1. Wait to start Christmas sewing project until . . . hmm . . . way too late.  As evidenced by the fact that it's December 21st and I still have not even selected fabric.
  2. Ask for input on what said project should be by opinionated 4 year old.
  3. Allow her to change her mind multiple times.
  4. Suppose that you likely have enough energy/time to pull said project off in time for Christmas even though you are at home full time with 2 kids and also WORK from home with no one to come and relieve you of those responsibilities in the next 3 days.
  5. Purchase pattern only to realize it is WAY more complex than what you were even wanting to make in the first place.  Curse yourself once again for #2-3.
So, here's where we're at.  I  have purchased a pattern.  A very cute pattern that under normal non-stressful circumstances I would be delighted to tackle.  Now I'm on the race against time to get it all done, and I'm still wondering if I can weasel out of it (at LEAST to talk Little Miss down to a less complicated pattern) - - which is only making me feel worse about my own lack of preparation.

Save yourself some grief next Christmas and do as I say NOT AS I DO.  :P

Oh . . . and because I have broken the cardinal rule of blogging lately and because no one really wants to read a post where there is no picture, here's the pattern that's sitting ever so patiently on my desk . . . just waiting for me to spring into action.
Kit, Chloe, and Louise - a pattern by Wee Wonderfuls
Did I mention I'm 21 weeks pregnant and don't *spring* so much anymore?


Carol Davies December 23, 2011 at 9:39 AM  

These dolls are adorable. Which one are you making?

Skooks December 23, 2011 at 11:24 AM  

She likes the one in the middle, but with long BLUE hair, purple shoes, and an orange dress with orange flowers on it. Not that she has any preferences or anything. :P

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