Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Impending Switcheroo

I've got a couple of posts in the hopper that are mostly ready to go, but I just realized my camera is out of juice and as any good blog-writer knows you should never post something without some kind of picture.  :P

That's ok though . . . I've got something else on the brain entirely today (actually for the last few weeks), and it's time I let you all know.

I am going to dismantle the sewing room.


But here's the thing . . . I have a little one on the way, and while I don't mind the kids sharing a room (which is what Little Miss and Kee-ku have always done), I'm thinking 3 will probably be a crowd in one room.

I didn't always feel this way (especially when kiddos are so young), but bed time has become particularly hideous lately because Kee-ku is constantly getting in and out of bed and Little Miss can't just get to sleep already.  It makes for a lot of, "MOM . . . DAD . . . HE'S OUT OF BED AGAIN!" and multiple trips by Mr. Skooks and I up and down the steps to try to get Kee-ku to stay in bed.  Compound this with Kee-ku's latest love which is climbing in bed WITH Little Miss (who doesn't altogether mind it except that he keeps getting in and out constantly), and I'm just about over them sharing a room.

Lack of space is not an issue . . . we are blessed to have 4 bedrooms in our house, but because 1 of them is on the lower level and 3 are upstairs there's going to need to be some switchup.  Call me crazy, but Mr. Skooks and I would prefer to be on the same level at night as the kids.  So whatever, NO BIG DEAL . . . we'll just use the 3 upstairs bedrooms for all the people in the family.

Right . . . except that one of the bedrooms upstairs is currently home to my beautiful sewing room.  The one I took forever to get *just so*.  ~sniff~
Fabric Hutch Design Wall and Cutting Table

BUT it must be done.  At some point (hopefully soon), the ole girl's going to have to come on down.

The good news is, by DOWN, I mean I'm going to comandeer the downstairs bedroom (which currently functions as a playroom/office) and I get to make a sewing space ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

I'm both excited and already fatigued at the prospect.  Remember, I'm 29 weeks along (though it feels like I'm 39 weeks along - oy) and generally I feel like taking a nap all the time anyway.  So there's that.  If only I could move things around with SHEER WILLPOWER then it would have been done a week ago. 

Anyone want to come over and move a bunch of heavy furniture around for me?  I mentioned my plans to Mr. Skooks the other day, and he almost passed out from excitement.


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