Friday, April 20, 2012

4 Things Friday - Sewing Stuff

Well, although I have about 5 posts near readiness sitting in the queue here, I haven't finished working up pictures and stuff to complete them, so instead enjoy a little 4 Things Fun on this rainy Friday (well . . . at least where I am it's raining!) - I got a few of these prompts thanks to Sukie who actually hates playing meme tag:

  1. How many machines do you/have you owned and what is your favorite machine?
    • I have only ever owned one real sewing machine.  The first one I had in my possession for awhile was my mom's, an old Singer Stylist from the 1970s which got the job done for me until I was able to scrimp and save up for my own machine.  For those of you who haven't heard me sing my machine's praises, I ended up getting a Singer Quantum Confidence 7470 several years ago . . . a machine that I love dearly and have not regretted purchasing in the least.  For all the Singer haters out there, hate all you want.  I don't care.  I'm sure whatever machine you have is wonderful . . . congratulations on having a machine/brand that you love.  I love my Connie and you won't make me feel bad about her.  I also have a small collection of toy sewing machines, who make up for their lack of usefulness in their sheer cuteness.  ;)
  2. What is your favorite quilt block?
    • Hard to say . . . although I do quilt sometimes, I don't necessarily think of myself as a quilter, and I am not entirely familiar with quilt blocks just by seeing their names (though I do have familiarity with a select few).  With that being said, I do have a love for You Are Here (a la Happy Zombie) quite a bit since getting all of those blocks from my Bee Vintage quilt bee.  They still have yet to be pieced together as a top and quilted, but in the meantime they pretty up my design wall and I love each and every one of them.
  3. What is you favorite fabric line {or two if you can just not decide}?
    • As anyone that has read this blog for more than 4 seconds knows, I have a deep and abiding love for Heather Bailey's Pop Garden/Bijoux line.  It just makes me happy to look at, and though my quest to infiltrate it into all parts of my sewing room is not complete yet, it has most definitely begun as seen here (with my sewing machine cover) and here (where I made over my wall clock).
  4. What is your cannot live without sewing gadget?  
    • I would be hard-pressed to pin down any one thing . . . I mean, how do I live without my cutting mat/rotary cutter/giant Olipfa sewing ruler?  Or my Gingher sewing shears?  Or for that matter, my precious sewing machine?!  That's a big gadget, but it's the most important one, right?  One thing that I do love and makes my life easier is my iron . . . I saved up and used some of the money I earned sewing couch cushion covers for my mother-in-law to spring for an Oliso.  Though she's fancy and has some more advanced electrical features that initially made me nervous I'd have problems with her, she rarely gives me trouble, and I love the auto up-down feature SO MUCH.  Seriously, it's like an ironing revelation. 
If anyone would like to play along this week, do let me know in the comments . . . I would love to distract myself a bit from the giant To Do list I've got going and read about your favorite sewing stuffs.


Anonymous,  April 20, 2012 at 1:11 PM  

Although my current sewing machine is not a Singer, I completely agree with you about Singer. It is what I learned to sew on and the only machine that was used by the women in my family. Wait, I take that back. I do have a Singer. That antique one I keep forgetting about. It works, though I have not tried sewing on it yet. I am currently using an inherited and not a bad one, Elnita. Never heard of the brand until 4 years ago. It has lots of fancy stitches I have not tried yet. Someday.

Sorry about the to-do list. They really can be a bummer at times;-)

blessings, jilly

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode April 21, 2012 at 7:21 PM  

Oh, that iron looks seriously awesome!! Thanks for introducing me. :)

Skooks April 21, 2012 at 11:32 PM  

j - I know! Love me my Singer. :) And the to-do list is long because my due date is creeping up and I have so much I want to get done before the baby comes. It won't all get done. I already know that I need to be fine with it!

J - It is seriously the bomb. Pretty primo for the price there, but at the same time I LOVE IT. My previous iron was always spitting all over my fabric and leaking weirdness at inopportune times. With this one and the auto up-down feature my arm doesn't feel like it's going to fall off from all the ironing I do as a part of sewing. I really do like it so much, and I'm glad I decided to make the investment.

Man . . . I should be getting paid to say this stuff. ;)

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