Sunday, April 1, 2012

It is HAPPENING . . .

While you were all April Fool-ing one another, something AMAZING was happening in my house.  Something both amazing and TERRIFYING was happening.  

Mr. Skooks took it upon himself (with nary a bit of help from me and my ginormatoid belly) to start, and essentially finish, moving around 3 rooms of furniture in our house.  Remember how I dropped the bomb on y'all that I was going to be dismantling my precious sewing room?  And the world stopped and the people yelled, "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then it was pinned a couple times more on Pinterest?  (OK . . . just kidding about that last part.)

I'm not gonna lie . . . the prospect of taking all that carefully organized stuff down kind of freaked me out as well but with the impending arrival of the little Kiwi, stuffs just needed to get moved around up in here.  AND, let's not forget that I wasn't actually going to be losing the sewing room (insert major sigh of relief here), it was just going to be relocated to the former office/playroom on the first floor.  Whew.  That was a close one.

So this big presto change-o happened largely while Kee-ku was taking his nap (much to his surprise)  . . . and there is a lot of excitement in the house right now.  There's me - - standing in the corner licking my chops at the new organizing challenges ahead, there's Little Miss - - gleefully moving her toys from the former playroom to what will be her own room, and then there's Kee-ku - - trying to run through everyone's legs and touch everything that is all out of place.

Mr. Skooks has really done pretty much 98% of the work here moving things around . . . he's probably less enthused than the rest of us because there is a lot more work that lies ahead (re-hanging shelving and all my sewing thingies, building a closet for Kee-ku in his new room, switching lighting fixtures around, the list goes on) . . . but he's also probably relieved that the major moving of stuff is done now.  Time to muster up the energy to get the rest of it "done" before babycakes arrives. 

But it's on . . .


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