Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Office - Reworked and Revamped

Part of Operation: Get Organized Because Baby is Coming has involved moving lots of rooms of furniture around.  Which is a lot of work heft-wise (especially for Mr. Skooks who is much more able-bodied for all the moving around than I am), but also a lot of re-work organization-wise (especially for me because that's my thang).

For instance, my previous office space shared a room with the kids' playroom.  Which was usually a big mess.  The playroom part . . . and the office part.  Of course I have no picture of the previous space lying around (though I'm sure I must have taken one at some point), but suffice it to say that the major thing I lacked was good storage solutions.  Which meant lots of PILES.  And losing stuff because it didn't have a good place to live.  I even jammed my desk drawers once or twice because too much (mostly unneeded stuff) was clogging the space.

I aimed to rectify that once all of this moved upstairs.

One thing that I gained by moving upstairs was a bookshelf.  It used to live in our dining room (enter new storage problem encountered by taking it away to use upstairs - sigh) where it housed an assortment of things including (but not limited to): kids' art supplies, paper, cleaning supplies, DVDs, video games and video game "stuff", a phone, tablecloths and place mats, and a bunch of little this-s and that-s that didn't really have any place else to live.  It was mostly not an eyesore . . . I did an ok job containerizing the stuff (or so I tell myself) so it wasn't all exposed, but it still kind of gave me a headache thinking about how hodgepodge it was behind all the containers.  In the meantime, I desperately needed something similar for the office space and was making do with a shorter 2 shelf bookshelf that was mostly inaccessible to me because half of it was hidden by the side of the desk and some overhead shelves that could hold a lot but were hung so high that I could barely reach them (and therefore didn't use them to their fullest potential).

All of this back story to say that having a cleaned up and organized work space has been on the agenda for ages, but until we made the big move hadn't yet become a reality.  I'm happy to say that I've finally pulled it all together (using mostly stuff that I already owned - YES!) and that I am breathing a sigh of major relief in my new space.

Office Revamp
Mr. Skooks is not particularly a fan of the little "riser" that the monitor is sitting on.  It's not my fave either, but it gives me a place to slide the laptop when I'm done using it.

The only thing I'm itching to do now is paint my little revolving pen holder (whose former life was a remote control holder in our living room which we have since graduated from needing) - - I'm feeling YELLOW - - finish tying up all the mess of wires underneath the desk, label my storage containers so I know what goes where without opening every single box every time I need to get something/put something away, and someday getting a new chair for my desk (this thing is not only not the most comfy thing anymore, but for some reason Kee-ku decided to chew on the arms and it's not looking the best either).

All in good time.

In the meantime, I'm just happy that I have a place to put everything and that it all makes sense.  Punching it up with some colorful storage containers here and there and adding my freshly made over cork board is just the icing on the office cake.  :)

What did you get accomplished this weekend?


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