Friday, May 4, 2012

A Sewing Machine Gallery

Since my baby refuses to exit my body within a time frame that I would appreciate (oh yes . . . I am hanging out here in overdue-ville), I have to find ways to pass the time.

That is, in addition to working which I'm still doing because *I may as well*,carting Little Miss and Kee-ku all around town for school and dance class and so forth, and just generally sitting around feeling crabby.

Anyway, today I decided to distract myself by making an Etsy Treasury.  Haven't done that in a long time.

I have been sniffing around for a new print for my new sewing room wall (still very much a stunted work in progress that probably won't be touched until after this baby is born . . . whenever that's going to happen).  My birthday passed recently and Mr. Skooks' grandparents gave me a little bit of spending cash that I'm trying to decide how to use . . .

Of course, all these sewing machine prints make me think that *tomorrow* (when the kiwi decides to still not come), maybe I'll start sniffing around for a new toy sewing machine to add to my collection . . .

Anyone else waiting around for something to happen?  


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