Monday, June 11, 2012

Sewing Room Update - The Fabric Hutch and the Toy Sewing Machines

I wish I could say that I just went crazy style on the sewing room now that it's in a new locale and everything is perfectly organized, but alas . . . it is not.  So, I thought I'd at least share what actually is in place in my new space.

The easiest thing to get set up again was the hutch (that one wasn't too hard to maintain organization on through the moving process . . . Mr. Skooks was able to just pull out the drawers with all their stuff in them and move them down to the new space).  I did have to clear out the hutch to move it, but it wasn't hard to keep the fabric looking nice since it has already been rolled into little mini bolts.  I just took them out in sections and put them in a laundry basket in order and put em all back in once the hutch got moved.):

Fabric Hutch with Toy Sewing Machines
As you can see, I did re-style the hutch a bit . . . I moved all the vintage sheets (there were quite a lot of them at this point) into the drawer that used to house all of my interfacings (pre-rolling and tubing) so they were still together and accessible for when I find need to use them.  I haven't yet figured out exactly where to go with my fat quarters (baby steps people), but I decided that since I ended up losing the 3 shelf cubby system that I had in the old sewing room to Kee-ku's stuff in his new room, I wanted to clear out the middle of the hutch to display my sewing books and toy sewing machines.  What can I say . . . they make me happy.  :)
Toy Sewing Machine Shelf
Although I really like this little display thing I've got going on, I'm not married to this setup.  I really do like having all my fabric together and this middle shelf would be nice to regain for all my fat quarters and smaller pieces of fabric at some point.

What I'd like to do is get some shelves to put up on the wall that could display the books a bit more (my wheels have been turning since I saw this post),

as well as get some kind of shelving going somewhere else on the wall to show off my toy machines.  Mr. Skooks joked with me that he was going to need to build shelving all around the top perimeter of the room if this collection keeps growing.

Something like this maybe . . . ?

Of course this could be totally brilliant as well . . . a shelf mounted over the windows! 

Source: via Skooks' Playground on Pinterest

I wish!

Ok . . . I know, such a tease, but that's all I've got going in the room so far.  Will continue to update as I get more stuff set up the way I want it.  And take pictures.  That seems to be the thing that takes the longest sometimes!


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