Friday, July 6, 2012

Freshening Up the Ironing Board

Did you ever notice that when you buy something shiny and new it illuminates how worn out your other stuff is?  That happened to me as soon as I put my new iron on my old ironing board:

The New Iron with The Old Nasty Board


That  cover was looking beyond dingy and gross.  It started out white under there.  I can't believe I'm even showing you this.  What a disgrace.

Even when I bought it, It was nothing particularly special . . . I think I got it at Target or Meijer a few years ago.  It served its purpose.  But it was past time for a new one.

Sewing a new cover for the ironing board is not a particularly exciting or fun project, but the result is pretty sweet.  Originally I was going to make something similar to this, but since I have been happily forcing myself to dig into my stash and as much as possible NOT buy any more fabric for awhile, I couldn't pull it off.  I didn't have enough large pieces in my Pop Garden stash to bring it together.  Then I found this tutorial on Sew4Home and used the design as my inspiration:
Pop Daisy Ironing Board

I didn't have much, but I was able to piece together a long strip out of my remaining piece of Pop Daisy (I even did the glue trick on one of the pieces to match it up) and used it as my focus fabric.  I had quite a large piece of Swirly Buds in Yellow and was able to use that for the sides.  From there I took a cue from this tutorial from U-Handbag which utilizes the cording from the previous ironing board on the new one so you don't have to monkey with that whole part again.

Did I mention I'm trying to not buy more sewing stuff than is absolutely necessary right now?  I feel like I'm on a craft burn.  And it feels good.
Ironing Corner

So there she is.  She might seem a bit fussy for an ironing board cover that will start looking crummy sooner or later . . . looking at it I can hardly believe I used my precious Heather Bailey for such a project, but honestly it makes me happy.  To iron.

And that, my friends, is a lovely thing.  :)

On a side note: I'm linking this post up with Kelly's My Precious QAL (which does not have to be quilt-y as such, but does need to be a project which uses up some fabric from the "too precious to ever cut into" pile).



Brenda July 6, 2012 at 10:55 AM  

I love your ironing board cover. It's looks really cheerful.

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