Saturday, July 7, 2012

She Loves Her Lunchbox!

Working off my summer project to-do list has been a bit of a challenge . . . it's not like my time has been overflowing lately.  I love Kiwi, but she doesn't sleep 24 hours a day to allow for breezy summertime sewing sessions at my leisure.  ;)

Over the course of several mini-sessions over a period of about a week, I was able to finish this lunch bag for Little Miss.  Had I been uninterrupted it would have whipped up much more quickly than that.

Pink Owl Lunchbox

Little Miss decided from the get-go that she wanted her new lunchbox to coordinate with her backpack.  Luckily, I had enough fabric left over from the backpack project to squeeze out a lunchbox.  You may also recognize the laminated cotton I used for the inside . . . I had just the right little chunk left over from her dance bag to complete the lunch bag.
Pink Owl Lunch Box Inside

This pattern (Love Your Lunchbox by Gingercake) is really straightforward and sews up easily.  I was excited to use up some stash fabrics . . . the only thing I didn't have on hand was some Insul-Brite (made sure to nab a little extra while I was in the fabric store though so that I had it at the ready for when Kee-ku decides he needs a bag too.  I mean, do you have more than one child?  They always want what the other one has . . . constantly.)
Pink Owl Lunchbox Side View

I am really happy with how this project turned out.  Little Miss was THRILLED when I finished and has been using it constantly to hold random stuff around the house ever since I handed it over.  Of course . . . I had to break it to her shortly after I finished it that she wasn't going to be able to use it for school and that I would have to make her another one.


Well . . . I bought this dandy little container at TJMaxx the other day for about $3 or $4.  It is like a mini bento-esque box so I don't have to use plastic baggies every day for her lunch.  And no sandwiches get smooshed.  ;)

I also picked up these cool reusable bottles on clearance at Meijer so I can send her with a bottle of water (and thus can avoid buying bottled water all year long):

And therein lies the rub.

Yeah, it won't all fit.  I can fit the box in (perfectly actually), but there is no room for the drink.  Or a piece of fruit.  Or anything else at all really. 

It's my own fault . . . I should have checked the dimensions and made sizing adjustments from the beginning, but I just did not.  So her lovely new bag will stay in circulation around the house as I look to acquire another piece of laminated cotton for the inside of a new bag.  And figure out what to use for the new outer.  (I don't have enough left of either fabric to make the same bag again.)
Coordinating Backpack and Lunchbox
1. She LOVES it!, 2. Pink Owl Lunchbox

As for the bags not matching anymore, it will be fine.  For one, I'm pretty sure we can't use her backpack for school again anyway.  It's toddler sized which is great in a lot of ways (sized to fit her little self), but not quite big enough to hold a regular sized piece of paper without folding it up . . . so much stuff got sent home with her from preschool that didn't fit into her bag properly.  I can only imagine the problem will get worse in kindergarten.  :P

She keeps asking me when I'm going to make her a new backpack, but I think I'm probably just going to end up buying her a new one this year.  That project took a really long time and a bunch of little notions and stuff that I don't have on hand and don't feel like buying right now.  So unless I find a really easy backpack pattern that I actually like (no drawstring tops, please), I'm just going to buy her one.

But I'm still going to make her a lunch box.  Again.


Ashley July 7, 2012 at 10:53 PM  

Very cute! I love the little containers you found! Too bad we don't have that store here. I will have to look around and see if I can find something similar. Too bad it wasn't big enough.It is super cute!

Unknown August 15, 2012 at 11:17 AM  

I love your lunch bag! So cute! I am a preschool teacher and lots of our children have these sorts of bags for their lunch and they don't fit everything in but some parents have added an elastic and velcro loop on one side for the drinks container....just a thought in case you manage to squeeze all the food in the boxes!! :-) Miffychick

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