Friday, February 15, 2013

Easing into Some New Skills - A Little Birdy Pillow

With 3 little kids around who require so much of my time and energy I have hesitated to set any actual creative goals for 2013.  I'd rather accomplish some stuff and celebrate it rather than look back at my list come January 2014 and see all that I wasn't able to get to.  With that being said, there are a few things that I've put in the back of my brain that I really would like to do this year.  These are loose creative wishes . . . don't hold me to them.

  1. Finish up some WIPs - - namely, 2 quilt tops that are completely put together that need to be actually made into completed quilts.
  2. Join another quilting bee.
  3. Work on my embroidery/hand sewing skills.
  4. Make a few cute dresses for Kiwi to wear this summer.
  5. Figure out what design would work for my needs and make myself a new purse.
  6. Sew up a few different table runners to spruce up my dining room table.
  7. Stitch up some new pillow covers for our couch.
  8. Make Little Miss a new quilt for her bed and some new curtains for her room.
  9. Crack into my growing stash of sewing books and actually make some of the stuff in there.
  10. And last but not least . . . USE WHAT I HAVE.  This doesn't mean I am going on a complete spending embargo, but I would like to work on getting creative as much as I can with the resources I already have.  It's starting to feel like a beautiful hoard in the sewing room.
While some of these things are going to be pretty quick projects (pillow cases take like 0.2 seconds to make, but I haven't figured out my fabric direction yet), some will involve a lot more time and mental energy.  For instance, in the case of my quilt tops that are sitting in a drawer - - I'm hoping my recent glee over finally putting together Kiwi's baby quilt will spur me on to finish the others.  In the case of #3, it's really vague so it's not immediately apparent how I will get that one accomplished.

I've blogged before on my love of fiber art.  This includes mixed media pieces as well as just seriously wicked embroidery.  It fascinates me, which is why I'd love to try some more of it.  I don't want to bite off more than I can chew on it though so I've kept it really easy so far.  I started with my little Works of Peace fiber art piece, and last month I finished up a little pillow that is currently living in my sewing room:
Bird and Flowers Pillow

Let's not get too excitable.  I used a kit I found at JoAnn . . . it was a $16 kit that was mismarked for $3.  I kind of *had* to get it.  ;)

Someday I'll do projects where I make up my own designs.
Bird Embroidery Detail

But right now I'm just focusing on technique.
Flower Embroidery Detail

I think I finally have french knots down!


Ronni and Sean February 16, 2013 at 7:52 PM  

Ah!! I love it. I love all things bird related, and this is super adorable. I wish we lived closer together, because even after all the cross-stitch I have done over the years, I never could master the french knot. Bah!

Skooks February 17, 2013 at 12:29 AM  

R - It took me this whole project to get it down. I probably did 50 french knots on this little pillow. Ok - - maybe not 50. But a whole lot. And I had to redo a bunch of them when they wouldn't come together right the first time or three. WHEW. Not my favorite stitch, but I'm figuring it out!

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