Friday, February 1, 2013

The 2012 Creative Year in Review

Starting to post in a new year is always difficult without putting some sort of ending on the last year.  In fact, I still have posts sitting in the queue (unfinished) from CHRISTMAS making.  Does anyone still want to hear about those things anymore . . . or have we all moved onto Easter already?  Anyway . . . I want to get this show on the road, but we need a little wrap-me-up.

So, without further ado*, here it is . . . the Skooks' Playground 2012 Year in Review!

Toy Sewing Machine Shelf

  1. A massive haul of Happy Mochi Yum Yum fabric, a slice of Heather Ross Mendocino, and a sweet print from my friend, Sarah.
  2. A few new toy sewing machine to add to my collection:
    1. My McCall's Toy Sewing Machine
    2. Sew-ette Toy Sewing Machine
    3. Holly Hobby Toy Sewing Machine
  3. Some more fabric I meant to make into pillows but then never did.  Should revisit this . . .
Pinky Charms

  1. A few charms via The Charming Travelers swap
Fancy Bow Clutches - all in a row

  1. Button Heart Clutch with Removable Wrist Strap - - nevermind that I made it years ago.
  2. A whole mess of fancy clutch purses.  Ok, 5.  Which felt like 50. 
  1. ME!  I still have no idea how this happened, but it was the most annoying thing and it sapped my blogging fervor quite a bit.
  1. HOSTED: None.  BOOOOO.
  2. WON:
    1. The August Finishes Giveaway from Such a Sew and Sew . . . a Kate Spain layer cake!
    2. On Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day I won a really sweet art quilt kit and photo holder from Believe Magic.  I'll have to blog about that sometime.  I haven't dug into it yet, but it was packed with lots of cool stuff.
Office Revamp

  1. THE SEWING ROOM!  Downstairs.  To a bigger room WITH A CLOSET.  This was epic.  And I haven't even shown it to you yet!
  2. As part of the sewing room moving, the office space got relocated to the landing upstairs.  I actually *just* totally threw away and reorganized all the paper and clutter here *yesterday*.  This work never ends I tell ya.
  1. The hutch in the sewing room.  Again.  Don't worry.  I just changed it again last week.
  2. I organized a bunch more stuff in my sewing room, but haven't taken time to document it yet.  The lack of sunshine here makes for some really deplorably bad photos so I'm holding off to try to do it justice.
Books Reviewed:
  1. 1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips by Deepika Prakash
  2. Not formally, but a prelim review of All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens was done here.  Aaaand, I bought it with some Christmas gift card money so an actual review is forthcoming.  :)
Sewing Notions Reviewed (You can check out all the "Tools of the Trade" posts I've done since this blog's inception right here):

4 Things Friday:
I was Nominated:
  • Somehow . . . for Rik Rak Studio's Favorite Blog with a Handmaking Focus.  I was absolutely nowhere close to winning, but my inner self who wonders if anyone actually reads this blog anymore got all glad about the 2 sweet people who found my blog worthy of such a thought.   And no - neither of them were my mom.  Double WOW!
I was Featured:

I Made Some Treasuries:
  1. A Sewing Machine Gallery - - in case looking at your own machine isn't enough . . . and you want to hang pictures of sewing machines everywhere.  Like I do.
  2. Stop Trying to Sell Me Crap - - I've had it up to here (UP TO HERE, I tell ya) with all the solicitors knocking on my door and waking up my babies.  This was my way of making a silent stand.  When that didn't keep them away, I bought this sign and haven't had any problems since.
  3. I Love My Kiwi - - I do.  She's the sweetest little girl I ever did see.
And as is the custom (apparently) . . . The Down and Dirty Projects Completed 2012 Stat Sheet:
1. Fresh Flowers Contemporary Table Runner, 2. Cork Board Makeover, 3. Chair - Phase 2, 4. Embroidered Family Handprints, 5. Daisy Chain Changing Pad Cover, 6. Pop Daisy Ironing Board, 7. Serger Cover 2, 8. Pink Owl Lunchbox, 9. Sewing Room Curtain - Detail 2, 10. Flower Canopy - Finished, 11. She Loves Her Lunchbox, 12. Mother Teresa quote, 13. Knuffle Bunny with Book
  1. Quilts/Blankets: NONE.  Can you believe this???  Me neither.  Apparently 2012 was the year of "I want to make this cool quilt so much that I will actually never even start it".  (Case in point:  Here was my first idea for the Happy Mochi Yum Yum - - the Oh My Stars quilt-along)
  2. Clothing:
    1. Not from scratch, but I did hem a tie this year.  I know, weird.
    2. Do masks count as clothing?  Because I made a bunch for my niece.
    3. L.M. wanted to be Trixie (a la Knuffle Bunny) for Book Day this year.  So I made quick work of assembling a Trixie Costume.
  3.  Softies:
    1. Knuffle Bunny, LM's accessory for Halloween this year.
  4. Christmas Decor:
    1. Ornaments for LM and Kee-ku.
    2. And Kiwi.
    3. A lone wise man.  Apparently the other 2 didn't get the memo.
    4. A felt PEACE banner that I never got around to blogging about.
    5. 3 new Christmas stockings for the kids . . . never blogged that one either even though I was very pleased with how they turned out. (edited: the post is up!)
  5. Home Decor:
    1. Something bright for my awesome mother-in-law: Fresh Floral Contemporary Table Runner 
    2. I gave the corkboard that lives over my desk a little refreshment.  It's now serving as a backdrop for some treasured family photos.
    3. The cushions on my old porch chairs got a facelift.  Hopefully this spring I can actually finish the makeover and spray paint those bad boys to match the little table out on the porch.
    4. I made Kee-ku a headboard so he wouldn't push out the back of his cheap-o Ikea bed while he sleeps.  I cushed up his bedrails too . . . but ended up not using them.  Kid ends up sleeping on the floor with his face in the hallway half the time anyway.  Not to mention the fact that though they were once stable enough for Little Miss back in the day, they no longer seemed workable for Kee-ku's crazy active self.  Safety first, people.
    5. Family Hand Portrait - - I had to after Kiwi was born.
    6. A new cover for the changing table.  Because as cool as it is to know your little buns are touching the same pad as your siblings before you . . .
    7. Pop Daisy Ironing Board Cover - it was long overdue
    8. Serger Cover (apparently I just want to cover everything I own in fabric)
    9. A Breezy Patchwork Curtain to cover the door to my new sewing room closet.  It's like a bomb went off in there right now but with this dandy curtain no one is any the wiser.
    10. A Flower Canopy for Little Miss' bed.  Which she LOVED. 
    11. Some giant flowers on the wall for the girls' room.
    12. Works of Peace Fiber Art
    13. Re-imagined Message Board for my front entry way.  This has revolutionized my whole life.
  6. Bags:
    1. 5 - - yes, FIVE Fancy Bow Clutch Purses as a custom order for a friend who was getting married and needed special bridesmaid gifts.  
    2. A lunch bag for Little Miss now that she's in Kindergarten.  
    3. And yet ANOTHER lunch bag for LM . . . because the first one didn't hold enough stuff.  :P
    4. Ok - I didn't make this bag, but I did tweak LM's backpack so it would coordinate with her new lunch bag.
  7. Babies:
    1. One - - Kiwi.  She is the sweetest little girl on the planet.  I can't believe she is going to be 1 in a few months.   Considering the fact that I was pregnant with her at the beginning of the year, had her in May, and have been juggling life with 3 since, I can honestly say that I'm somewhat impressed that I had any finishes at all this year, let alone this many.  Go me!
Happy Craft-y New Year, everyone!  (February is the new "New Year", didn't ya know?)

*it's 'ADO' not 'ADIEU' . . . this is a typo I see constantly and it drives me a little bananas!


Brennan's Mom February 1, 2013 at 11:51 PM  

I read you and love your blog! :) I can't believe how much you did get done with a baby and two other little ones around!

Love the sign! Our door bell conveniently broke when our son was a baby. We added a sign telling to call instead of knock (as our dog had his knee replaced), it worked well but that sign is much funnier!

Thanks for sharing your year - hope you get your mojo back, I love admiring all your lovely projects!

Skooks February 2, 2013 at 11:04 AM  

B's Mom - Your comment just gave me the biggest grin. Thank you so much for reading. :)

Also - my word, I can't say enough good things about that sign. I like that it gets the point across while still maintaining a sense of humor. I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, but people need to understand that this is my home and they are not invited to come and try to sell me stuff here.

As for my blogging mojo, I think it's there again, it's just being tempered by some dark days here in MI where none of my photos are turning out (not to mention the general busy-ness of having the 3 littles around).

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode February 3, 2013 at 9:52 AM  

Obviously that last creative "project" is the best!!
Looks to me like you got a heck of a lot done this year. And I say post the Christmas projects if you want to. That way they won't be hanging over your shoulder!

Skooks February 3, 2013 at 11:12 AM  

Thanks, Jane! I *think* I tried to take pictures of the Christmas projects before I took everything down . . . just need to find them and see if they look ok, or I'll have to dig up the stuff and re-take (which may mean that I wait until next year - ha ha!)

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