Thursday, March 20, 2014

Katy Kitty for a Little Kiwi

It feels like it's been forever since I actually sat down and made something.  Simple mending, sure (I became my son's hero when I patched his jeans a few weeks ago), but actual sewing had come to a veritable stand-still.  I dismantled my beautiful cutting island before Christmas and gave the dresser half to my girls who are now sharing a room, and the desk half to my eldest who is an art-making machine and was sorely lacking a proper workspace.  My worktop was pushed under the loveseat in my living room and there it sat for the better part of 3 months.

Yes, it was totally sad.

I'm sure I could have overcome this obstacle in and of itself, but the other more pressing issue was all of the storage I lost by removing the island.  11 DRAWERS LOST.  And I was totally haphazard with the way I removed all of the stuff.  My new sewing room (new to you because I've never really blogged about it, but kinda old to me at this point) has a closet which was swiftly jammed with all kinds of crafterphernalia in no sort of real order.  Honestly, I just didn't even want to deal with it, and I kinda lost my sew-jo over it.

Thankfully, I was able to construct a new cutting table recently (more on that in another post), I got *some* of the stuff re-organized, and I started to feel the creative juices flowing again.

Allllllllll this to say, I'm back.  I made something.  And it feels good.

Kiwi's birthday is coming up soon-ish, so I decided to make her a stuffed friend to love.  (I'm actually way on top of things this year, and I've got plenty of time to spare.  Mr. Skooks chuckled a bit when I showed him my completed project.  "Not going to wait until the night before?"  Cheeky.)

In a completely unsurprising move, I selected an mmmcrafts pattern written by my pal, Larissa.  Her patterns are top of the heap, excellent quality, easy to understand, and stinkin' adorable.  I've completed 6 of her patterns now and I just cannot say enough good things about them.  I had toyed with the idea of making another Molly Monkey this time around, but I always like to try something new, so I finally found my reason to purchase and make Katy Kitty.

I was so excited to begin that despite it being late at night with terrible lighting I snapped this little in progress shot to mark the occassion:

in progress

I actually took Kiwi with me to the fabric store.  She charmed the pants off the old ladies discussing quilt sashing at the cutting counter when she slipped a spool of Gutterman thread over her finger and yelled, "OOOH!" while I wandered around looking for an appropriate body fabric.  The pattern calls for corduroy, but I was wanting something much more soft.  (There are probably some soft-ish corduroys available somewhere, but the shop I was in was not one of those places.)  I landed on something in the suede section in a dusty turquoise.  I think it was called "satin backed suedecloth" or something.

Anyway, it's nice and soft.
katy kitty face

I had plenty of fabric sitting in my stash to finish this project off, but of course, I found a little something while I was wandering.  :)  Kate Spain's Daydreams Arcadia in Scarlet became the centerpiece for Katy's clothing.  I picked up a little bit of the same line (Memory in Persimmon) for the sleeves.  I had a small chunk of Nicey Jane laying around (Slim Dandy in Pink) which I ended up using for her fabulous stripey socks.  An assortment of prints from Happy Zombie's Happy Mochi Yum Yum and Deb Strain's Fresh Flowers with a Michael Miller Ta Dot thrown in for good measure rounded out the collage and all appear in her patchwork skirt.
katy kitty full

Larissa always includes such sweet details in her patterns.  I adore the little wingtips:
wing tips

I may or may not have let Kiwi peek at the doll earlier today.  OOPS.  She gave her a big hug after an appropriate shriek of delight, but I took the kitty back to hide away until her actual birthday.

At least I know that it was love at first sight.  :)


Larissa Holland April 2, 2014 at 4:18 PM  

Um GORGEOUS. Can't pin it! Help! :-)

Skooks April 2, 2014 at 6:32 PM  

Wha?! I'll have to check out what's going on. It's been pinned here if you need a place to repin in the meantime!

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