About Me: The Essentials

  1. I am in love with Pentel R.S.V.P. pens.  To the point where I will search for 20 minutes for one just to jot a note to myself down even when other (more inferior) pens are at hand.  Yes, I actively shun other pens.  This may or may not be completely weird and unhealthy of me, but I can't help it.  I like them.  And until I started writing this list I didn't realize they made this pen in more than just blue, black, and red.  Sky blue and violet, HERE I COME.

  2. I was in a 3 girl band in my early 20s.  I taught myself how to play guitar (poorly) and then a friend helped me up my skills and encouraged me to just let it all out and actually sing solo (something I never did in front of people before).  We wrote some songs together with (and about) one of my closest friends from college who played the djembe.  We even went "on tour" once (read: we drove from Michigan to South Carolina to see Jonny Lang in concert and stopped at rest stops along the way to bust out the tunes - - on our way back we detoured to Nashville just so we could play music on a street corner there and ending up meeting and playing with some really funny and modestly talented musicians.  We also came away from the experience about $10 richer.  Not bad for about an hour and half of impromptu playing on the street while knowing only 5 songs by heart).  I had so much fun playing and singing with those 2 girls that I refuse to say that the band broke up even though we all now live in different states and haven't played together in years.  We're just on a    r e a l l y    long hiatus at the moment.  That's it.

  3. When I was 8 years old, my Nana taught me how to knit .  I did some very basic garter stitch scarves that year as gifts for everyone I could.  She passed away several years ago, but every time I pick up and knit something I always think of her (and that variegated pastel yarn she dug out of her stash so I could make all those scarves).
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  4. I learned how to play the piano when I was 12 (after I begged and begged my parents to get one for me) and kept with it for 7 years.  I got pretty stinkin' good at it but abandoned it when I went to college because I was afraid to play in front of other people.  The only piano close-by was in the common room at the entrance of my dorm and there was just too much in an out activity there for my fragile fingers.  I regret it wholeheartedly to this day.  It would have been quite a feat, but I wonder if I had stuck with it til now if I might be creeping up on being as good as Victor Borge.  Somehow I doubt it . . . that guy was a genius.
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  5. For some reason I went through an Elvis phase when I was about 10.  I would do impressions of him singing and make my older sister video tape me.  Related to this was a game we used to play wherein I was Elvis and my two sisters were his adoring fans.  Basically I would sing and run away from them as they clamored for my autograph.  I am realizing how strange this was now that I'm typing it out, but it did not at all seem weird at the time.
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  6. I went to an all girls Catholic high school.  In my junior or senior year I had a very hard nosed teacher for English who did not appreciate my brand of humor at all.  One time she told me, "Someday I really expect to see you on Saturday Night Live."  I could tell from her tone, that this was NOT a compliment. SNL was my favorite show at the time though, so I was ELATED at the news and secretly hoped she was prophetic.

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  7. For the longest time, I really wanted to move to Guam.  There was something appealing to me about being somewhere remote and far and being anonymous.  I'm over that now but still think it might be cool to visit someday.
  8. When I was 9 I made a stand for gender equality by declaring to my 4th grade teacher that always choosing boys to roll the projector over from the A.V. room was sexist and stupid.  Ok, I don't think I used the word "sexist" but I'm pretty sure I made a HUGE stink about it pointing out that it didn't take "a strong boy" to roll a simple cart and that "anyone" could do it.  And by "anyone" I meant me. [FYI: Sometime after this I did start getting picked sometimes to roll the cart around.  Victory!  Oh, and you're welcome rest of the girls in my 4th grade class.]
  9.  I used to wonder about time travel when I was younger.  Not in the "get your Delorian up to 88 miles per hour" kind of a way (though I kinda did want a Delorian to be my first car).  More like, "I wonder when I'm 30 if I'll remember that right now (at age 17) I thought about myself at 30 as a 17 year old.  Maybe if I do, it'll be like I'm traveling back in time and having a moment with myself."  I never said it wasn't weird.

10.  BTW . . . if you're ever wondering who's who around here, I've created a little character key for your reference: 
Yes . . . this is how we *actually look*. 

Anything I didn't cover?  Probably not, but if you've still got a burning question, you can email me RIGHT HERE.  :)

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